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Bromet Primary School Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement for All


13 July

After a good stretch we made lots of noise with percussive instruments this week – inventing rhythms, then remembering and copying each others’ rhythms.  We then had just enough time to run through our three pieces for performance at Friday’s assembly – Simama Kaa, The Water is Wide and Great Big House, before handing out everyone’s presents – well done everyone, it’s been a fantastic first term for Bromet School Choir.


14 July – Assembly performance

Congratulations to all singers in the choir for a very nice, musical performance in Friday’s school assembly.  Your performance of Simama Kaa was full of energy, while The Water is Wide was quiet and contemplative with some lovely singing.  Great Big House was as much fun as ever, with confident delivery of the words.

Singing so well without accompaniment in front of lots of people is a real accomplishment – well done everyone; Miss Langley-Higgs and I hope to see you all singing again next term.

Have a lovely holiday – keep singing!


5 July

We had a great choir practice this week, starting with a good stretch followed by a ‘candles’ game and using our imaginations and voices to create our very own rollercoasters.  Miss Langley-Higgs taught us the Crazy Moose song which was a big hit all round (we have been singing it all weekend in the Williams family!).

Here is the link for Crazy Moose

We had a great run through Simama Kaa and Great Big House, and the choir practised their sight reading with some excellent rhythmic clapping.  We should all be back together on 13 July for our last session before the end of term, and  before the choir’s performance in assembly on Friday 14 July – have a good week everyone!


24 June

After warming up we tried out some ‘vocal extensions’ by sharing, and copying, some realistic animal noises – elephants, monkeys, cats and more!  We tried out and enjoyed the Bananas song that Year 2 students learned at last week’s music festival.  We then started learning a new song ready for our performance in school assembly on Friday 14 July.  Details of the new piece below – have a good week everyone!
Simama kaa (Stand up sit down), a song in Swahili:
Simama kaa (Stand up sit down)
Simama kaa
Ruka ruka ruka (Jump)
Simama kaa
Tembea tembea  (Walk)
Tembea tembea
Ruka ruka ruka
Simama kaa!


Bromet School Choir debut performance: Summer Fair – Sunday 25 June

A huge well done to all the singers at the summer fair!  You did brilliantly and I have since received many positive comments from your families and friends who really enjoyed the performance.
It is not easy to perform outdoors and you did it beautifully.  You gave a warm, open and musical performance, even with the wind in your faces and sun in your eyes, and Miss Langley-Higgs and I were very proud of you all!
See everyone at choir on Thursday.

22nd June

Well done choir for an excellent rehearsal tonight.  After a gentle warm up and a game of ‘pop, ping, whoosh!’ we were thoroughly confused but having fun and ready to sing.  We did some ‘Walk and stop’, with stomping, sliding and tip toeing, and the choir then did a very nice vocal warm up.  For those who find it hard to siren on ‘ng’, we used ‘mmm’ instead which is also a very nice way to warm up your vocal chords gently.  The choir then delivered some very nice performances of the three pieces we will be singing at the Summer Fair, including some excellent singing outside in the playground.  See you at the fair on Sunday and, for those who can’t make it, see you at next week’s rehearsal.


On Sunday – please assemble under the tree in the KS1 playground at 1.45pm for a quick warm up before we perform at 2pm!


15th June

The choir did very well trying out the ‘Stomp’ canon for today’s warm up – good memories everyone!  Then it was time for action with a bouncing ball game from Miss Langley-Higgs.

The children showed off their memories again with a ‘Dynamics’ quiz and we then had a productive rehearsal of our three songs in preparation for the choir’s debut performance at the school summer fair.

Well done everyone – see you next week.

Remember your slips!


WEEK 6 – 8 JUNE 2017

Welcome back choir!  We warmed up with a walk to the beach, doing lots of actions along the way and blowing up a big beach ball when we got there, with three big breaths to blow it up, and three big ‘shhhhhhhs’ to squash it down again.  Then we got out some noisy, coloured yo yos and copied each others’ yo yo sounds.  Miss Langley Higgs led a really fun song ‘A sailor went to sea’ with lots of different actions to remember.  The choir then sat down to do some music reading and showed how much you have all learned over the last few weeks with some excellent reading of rhythms and recognition of different musical notes.

After warming up our voices with sirening and ‘moo-maa-mee’ sliding scales, the choir learned a new, simple singing game which will help us all to find our pitch – ‘Hello everyone!’  The choir then did some productive work on ‘The water is wide’ and ‘Great Big House’, both of which are sounding better and better.  Please try and learn all the words for next time, when we will also run through ‘Senwa Dedende’ and start to prepare for the choir’s debut performance at the school fair on 25 June.

Well done everyone!


Week 5 – 25 May

We had another action-packed choir session, starting with a physical ’round’, some teeth cleaning (with our tongues) and a rhythmic tongue twister (Lickety split!).  After another game, some very good music reading and a vocal warm up, we did some work on Great Big House and Senwa Dedende, starting to think about our performance at the Summer Fair – good concentration everyone, you’re all doing so well!



Week 4 – 18 May

The choir warmed up this week with a good stretch, face massage and all-over shake and wobble, as well as ‘mirroring’ some ludicrously silly faces.  Jessica introduced us to a new song, ‘I had a little nut tree’ and gave a lovely solo performance.  Go to the YouTube link on this page to find a recording of this song.

With Miss Langley Higgs we sang ‘Oh here we are together,’ singing the names of the members of the choir whilst putting hands on top of each other for some group spirit.

We reminded ourselves about crotchets, minims and quavers and the choir showed real improvements in clapping in time – this week to a blue grass track.  After a some ‘sirening’ (singing ‘ng’ up and down a short sliding scale) we tried out short scales to some pure vowel sounds – ‘oo’, ‘ah’ and ‘o’ (as in ‘top’).

The choir did some good work on ‘Senwa Dedende’ and we had fun with a new poem about the choir’s favourite subject – PIES! …Chicken pie, steak pie, yum, yum, yum!  The choir did some great watching and listening, using a range of dynamics (pianissimo (very quiet) to fortissimo (very loud)) to make a real impact with this poem and ‘Great Big House’.  Next week the choir will be able to take away a copy of the slightly adapted words we will be using for this song.  Great work everyone!

Click on the links below for recordings of Senwa Dedende and Great Big House.


Week 3 – 11 May

We had a restful warm up today, lying on our backs to do an all-over stretch and then noticing how our tummies rose up and down as we breathed in through our mouths and out to a ‘shhhh’ sound for several beats – all good for helping us to breathe deeply from our abdomens and control our breath, which is important for our singing.

The choir showed their musicality with some lovely, accurate rhythms in our game ‘Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?’ and we tested out our instrumental (miming) skills with a quick run through of ‘Music Man’.

We used flash cards to learn the rhythm of Great Big House, using the sounds ‘ti-ti’, ‘ta’ and ‘shh’ to speak the rhythm out loud, before moving on to sing the words and melody.  This is a song about pies, which has turned out to be a favourite topic of the choir…we heard some confident solos from some singers who were keen to tell us about their favourite pie fillings.

After a really fun game of ‘Boom-chicka-boom’ led by Miss Langley-Higgs with help from choir members, we started working on our next song, which is called Sing.  We used the last few minutes to have some fun with another round of last week’s Simple Simon rhyme and heard more about everyone’s favourite pies – mmmm!  Good work everyone.


Week 2

We began this week’s rehearsal by taking an imaginary shower to get our whole bodies moving, followed by a couple of big yawns (very good for waking up our voices) and finishing with a nice, ‘ready and relaxed’ posture ready to sing.  After a game of Hickety Tickety we practised clapping in crotchets, minims and quavers.


Our vocal warm up included ‘sirening’ (singing a short, sliding scale to the sound ‘ng’) and was followed by some very nice singing of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ by the whole choir.  We then practised our diction with some tongue twisters:

A big black bug bit a big black bear.

Toy boat.  Toy boat.  Toy boat.

Saying these tricky phrases piano (quietly), forte (loudly), presto (quickly) and lento (slowly) helped us to get our facial muscles working hard!

The choir did some really good work on Senwa Dedende, trying it out as a round for the first time.  We got ourselves hungry for dinner with a poem about pies, which will be good preparation for learning Great Big House next week. (Miss Langley Higgs went home and ate steak pie for her dinner!)  The choir finished with some very confident singing and instrument playing to one of this week’s school songs.

Everyone was given a folder of music to take home – this is for choir members to keep, in case you want to look at the music in between rehearsals.  There is no need to bring your folder to rehearsals.  Well done everyone!

Quick tip – healthy vocal muscles: Your voice is powered by muscles called ‘vocal folds’ and they need to be looked after and exercised regularly; to keep your vocal folds healthy, strong and working well, drink plenty of water and try doing a little gentle ‘sirening’ every day.



Summer Term W1

Week 1

We warmed up with a ‘walk to the bus stop’ involving apples, tulips and a cute dog with a jet pack…we played a name game and ‘Walk and stop’ (hopping and singing at the same time?!) and the choir had their first go at two new songs.  Senwa dedende is an uplifting song from Ghana in West Africa about a mother calling her child in for dinner.  The Water is Wide is a beautiful Scottish folk song.

Well done everyone – a fantastic start to the term!



Welcome to Choir Blog Page!

Welcome to the Bromet School KS2 choir blog!
We get together once a week on Thursdays from 3.15 to 4.15pm to learn about vocal technique and musicianship, to hear and perform new music and – most of all – to enjoy singing together.


On this page we will post a summary of each week’s rehearsal.

We will also soon be uploading sound files so that choir members can listen to performances of this term’s music.

Mrs Williams and Miss Langley Higgs