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English at Bromet

At Bromet we start our English curriculum by thinking about the bigger picture. Being able to read and write is not something that naturally comes for all. It is a process in which we need to nurture by building strong foundations and we start this in Reception. In the Reception classes we have a word and letter rich environment in which there is a high prominence to environmental print, writing apparatus and story books. It is important in the Reception classes to develop the children’s physical development also, including fine motor skills. This is building muscle strength in hands allowing for a comfortable pencil grip.


In our classrooms we have many displays that are there to help the children. Phonics support is displayed in the KS1 classes and as the children go into KS2 our classroom displays have a greater emphasis on grammar and punctuation to support writing. All of our classrooms have working walls. These working walls are showing the learning taking place at the moment in each class.



Learning is not only shown in the classrooms. As we walk through the school there are wonderful displays showing what learning has been taking place.


In Falcon class the children have been reflecting on what helps them to learn.  Mrs Burns and Mr Libberton are also taking part in the reading fluency project in association with Herts for Learning.


English at Bromet

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English at Bromet 2
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