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Welcome to Sparrow Class

Class Teacher: Mr Libberton

Supported by: Mrs Blakey

PPA Cover: Mrs Humphreys

Madame Lawson teaches French


Our Classroom- August 2018

Our Classroom- August 2018 1
Our Classroom- August 2018 2
Our Classroom- August 2018 3

Sparrow Curriculum Objectives

Week 7


Holly is our star of the week.


Well done for Sparrow class who won the attendance club this week. 


English- Writing our postcard to Auntie Goose to tell her all about what has been happening on our farm. 


Maths- regrouping numbers and showing the number sentences in different  ways. 


Science- Food chains


Topic- Making small models of park equipment


RE- Children will recap key Hindu beliefs before exploring some of the things they might find in a mandir, including murtis and yantra, and creating their own artwork.



Monday PE kit needed in school

Reading Morning

Book bags home

Wednesday Home Work

Outdoor learning- please bring change of clothes- These can be left at school before Thursday

Friday Book bags home

Week 6


Ethan is our Star of the week


English- continuing our story farmer duck children are to start to write instructions to order the farmer

Maths- Order consecutive values- count to 100 from any given number

Science- Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores and complete a group sorting activity based on animal diets. 

Topic- Designing our new play equipment

RE- Learning about places of worship- Jewish Synagogue


Monday PE kit needed in school

Reading Morning

Book bags home

Wednesday Maths Games until 9.15

Outdoor learning- please bring change of clothes- These can be left at school before Thursday

Friday Book bags home


Week 5


Thank you for all your donations for the Harvest Assembly

Masooma is our star of the week.


English- Farmer Duck- We are focusing on Narrative

Maths- more/less of numbers

Science- grouping and classifying animals

Topic-designing new equipment for Oxhey Park 

RE- Places of worship



Book bags in

Mrs Humphreys AM

Watford Football club PM

Tuesday Book bags home
Wednesday Home Learning home

Outdoor learning

Book bags in 

Friday Book bags home


Week 4


William is our Star of the Week


English: Writing a recount using language and techniques we have been learning

Maths: Numbers, grouping numbers

Phonics: aw wh  ph ew

Practise recognition and recall of Phase 2, 3 and 4 graphemes

Practise reading and spelling words with adjacent consonants and words with newly learned graphemes

Teach reading the words Mr,  Mrs, don’t, by                                 

each spelling the words some and come

Science: Sense Detectives

PE: Football skills

Computing: Digital safety

Topic: Improving our local area



Book bags and Homework to school

Mrs Humphreys in class

PE- Watford football club

Harvest Assembly Donations collected w/ c 24th for Red Trust Bushey Food Bank


Book bags home

Reading Morning


Outdoor learning PM

Book bags in

Homework out


Book bags Home

Harvest Assembly


Don't forget to check twitter for latest news.

Mathletics logins will be sent home as soon as they have been allocated to our new class.

UPDATE- These have been placed in homework books at the front, or there were given to the children who did not have their books in school.


Mrs Bastable will be delivering our Harvest assembly 28th September This year we will collecting for the food bank at The Red Trust Bushey. Find out more information here: 

Week 3


English: We will be walking around the school, there maybe some different things we find along the way. This will help us to write a recount of what we saw. 


Maths: Describe position, direction and movement, including whole, half, quarter and three-quarter turns. 


Science: We learn which body part is associated with each of the five senses through drawing an activity associated with each sensory organ. 


Phonics: Teach new graphemes for reading p134  aw wh  ph ew        




Mr Humphreys in AM

Book Bags and Homelearning

Tuesday Book Bags home
Wednesday Homework books to go home
Thursday Book Bags in
Friday Book Bags home




Week 2



Mrs Humphreys AM

PE PM- This will start from next week

Book Bags back to school


Mrs Humphreys in class all day

Book Bags sent home


Meet the Teacher- Sparrow Class (Powerpoint will be available on class page for those unable to attend)

Homework sent home

Thursday Book Bags back to school

Book Bags sent home


Where possible there will be two reading books sent home on a Tuesday and Friday. 


English: Recounts. The story we are focusing on is 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne. 


Maths: Positional language, directional language


Phonics: Phase 5 

  • Teach new graphemes for reading:  ay  ou  ie  ea                            
  • Teach reading the words oh, old and their                                          
  • Teach spelling the words said and so 
  • Practise reading and spelling high frequency words              
  • Practise reading and spelling polysyllabic words 
  • Practise reading sentences                                                        
  • Practise writing sentences 


Computing: E-safety and important rule.

Topic: Our local area, focusing on Oxhey Park.


Our School Council members are William R and Masooma. 


Week 1


Welcome back I hope you all had a lovely holiday. 



Please bring PE Kits (our PE day is a Monday) water bottles and sun hats.

We will be talking about our class rules, and why rules are important. We will be making our Hand Network and where we can feel safe, both in school and at home. As a class we will make a crest showing our skills. 



Our focus on the day will be British Values and Teamwork. We will read 'Only One You' discussing our feelings and develop emotion descriptions. Mrs Henderson will be joining us after break today to get to know the children as she will be working with the class in phonic lessons.



Mindfulness, art tasks and team work games we will complete today.

We will also be listening to the children read and book bags and water bottles will go home today. 

August 2018


Sparrow Classroom- I thought I would share some photos of our classroom so far. It isn't quite finished yet but I am looking forward to seeing all of you on Wednesday 5th September.