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Welcome to Woodpecker Class!



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Class Teacher: Miss Langley Higgs

Supported by: Mrs Sullivan

PPA: Mrs Bastable teaches R.E. 

Madame Lawson teaches French




Our Classroom

Woodpecker Curriculum Map 2017-18

Woodpecker Summer Term Overview 2018

We have really enjoyed our Metro Bank Experience. 

On our workshops we discussed what a bank does, what are savings and how can we achieve them as well as budgeting- we even saved £80 instead of £50! 

The highlight was definitely our visit to Metro Bank Watford's Grand opening today. 

The children got to use the Magic Money Machine, go inside the vault, open safety deposit boxes with a surprise inside as well as meeting Metro Man and all the wonderful staff!

Thanks to  Mrs M, Mrs H, Mrs A and Mr B for your help! 

Our Magnificent Metro Bank Experience


Metro Bank Visit tomorrow morning- We are leaving at 8:50am so please be in on time. 

Helpers please go to reception and we will meet you there. Thanks again! 


Metro Bank have asked for permission to take photographs. Please return your slip or write a note on this to say you do not give permission. Any child without this permission will not be able to take a photo with Metro Man! 


PE Kits must be in school tomorrow for our sport afternoon with Falcon Class. 



Our Star(s) of the Week

Congratulations to...


for always being supportive of others and is considerate of others' feelings.





for making new relationships and showing the qualities of a good friend.


Special Shout Out- Whole Class for their hard work on long division! 


Here is the grammar game that we were playing earlier!



The  children looked wonderful today and really enjoyed their tea party! 

Congratulations to Violet and Masroor who won "Best Dressed" for Woodpecker Class. 

Next Week: 


In Maths we are moving on to learning how to use the formal written method of division. We will be discussing what remainders are, and how to set out these questions. 

In English we will be having a grammar focus week- we will be working on the areas highlighted in the SPAG mats that the children found challenging e.g. adverbs

In Science we will be setting up an experiment and planting some of our seeds. 

On Wednesday and Thursday we are fortunate to have Metro Bank coming in to do workshops with the class. 



Reminders and News:

  • Friday we are going to Metro Bank. Please be in school on time as we are leaving at 8:50am. 
  • Mad Hatters Tea Party Menu on Tuesday. 
  • SPAG mats are now going to be stuck into the home learning books. Please complete Home learning and bring in for Monday
  • As the hot weather hopefully continues all the children need to have their water bottles and a sunhat in school. If they would like to bring sun cream they can do so but this must be applied themselves.
  • Year 4 Swimming on Thursday- You must have a swimming costume/trunks, towel, goggles and swimming hat! PLEASE PRACTICE PUTTING ON YOUR HATS. 
  • We will be have our last drama workshops led by students from Merchant Taylors School on Tuesday afternoon. 


  • Science Week is WB: Monday 11th June. If you have any Scientific skills or job please come and talk to me about how we could share this with the children! 

Have a great weekend!!

REMINDER: THIS FRIDAY- Come in 'Best Dress' non-uniform

. There will be prizes for the best dressed boy and girl. If you have designed a hat please also bring these in. 

We will be taking part in a special tea party to celebrate the Royal Wedding 



Image result for harry and meghan




Our Star of the Week

Congratulations to...


for always being kind, thoughtful and respectful to others..


Special Shout Out- Violet for her improved handwriting! 

Hot Choc Friday- Maryama


Our Star of the Week

Congratulations to...


for always being willing to work in a group and include others.


Special Shout Out- Max and Maya for their participation in the Music Challenge cup in which they came 3rd! 

Hot Choc Friday- Max & Amy


Next Week: 


In Maths we are being to look at multiplying using the formal method. We will begin by multiplying ten by one-digit  numbers and then move on to how to use the formal written method. 

In English we are finishing or editing our explanation text about our own invention to do homework making sure to use conjunctions and prepositions. 

Again in Jigsaw, are looking at the relationship that humans have with animals and will be discussing and debating about vegetarianism. 


Reminders and News:

  • On Friday we will be celebrating the Royal Wedding. The children can come into school in their 'best dress' look. Remember any allergies for cakes, please bring an alternative in to school in the morning on a plate. 
  • Year 6s are completing their SATs next week so please remember not to walk through the hall. Try to be on time so we do not disturb them. 
  • SPAG mats are now going to be stuck into the home learning books. Please complete Home learning and bring in for Monday
  • As the hot weather hopefully continues all the children need to have their water bottles and a sunhat in school. If they would like to bring sun cream they can do so but this must be applied themselves.
  • Year 4 Swimming on Thursday- You must have a swimming costume/trunks, towel, goggles and swimming hat! PLEASE PRACTICE PUTTING ON YOUR HATS. 
  • We will be continuing our fun filled drama workshops led by students from Merchant Taylors School on Tuesday afternoon. 
  • Science Week is WB: Monday 11th June. If you have any Scientific skills or job please come and talk to me about how we could share this with the children! 

Have a great weekend!!

Our Star of the Week

Congratulations to...



for her excellent independent work on adding fractions and for always trying to play and include new children as well becoming more mature when dealing with situations.


Special Shout Out- Masroor- for his awesome push and glide in swimming! 

Hot Choc Friday- Caleb



Next Week: 


In Maths we are continuing to look at fractions but will be moving on to scaling fractions and finding fractions of quantities. 

In English we will continue to read about Charlie Small's adventures and will be writing an explanation text about our own invention making sure to use conjunctions and prepositions. 

Jigsaw are looking at the relationship that humans have with animals and will be discussing and debating about vegetarianism. 


Reminders and News:

  • Monday is a Bank Holiday- enjoy your day off!
  • SPAG mats are now going to be stuck into the home learning books. Please complete Home learning and bring in for Monday
  • As the hot weather hopefully continues all the children need to have their water bottles and a sunhat in school. If they would like to bring sun cream they can do so but this must be applied themselves.
  • Year 4 Swimming on Thursday- You must have a swimming costume/trunks, towel, goggles and swimming hat! PLEASE PRACTICE PUTTING ON YOUR HATS. 
  • We will be continuing our fun filled drama workshops led by students from Merchant Taylors School on Tuesday afternoon. 
  • I will be out of class all of Wednesday. 
  • Science Week is WB: Monday 11th June. If you have any Scientific skills or job please come and talk to me about how we could share this with the children! 

Have a great weekend!!

Congratulations to Tommy who won 'Boxer of the Week' at his boxing club. 

What a trophy!




Today we had our first Drama session with some students from Merchant Taylors. 

The children really enjoyed taking part in a variety of games such as Zip-Zap-Boing, Splat and challenges for ordering themselves without talking. 

We are really looking forward to the next 3 weeks! 

Don't forget: 

Meet Lola Ogunsola our school family support worked on Wednesday 2nd May at 9am! 


Also- last week's home learning has an extension this week- 2 pieces need to be completed by Monday 7th May. 



Our Star of the Week

Congratulations to...



for making lots of strong friendships since starting at Bromet and understanding what are the different types of relationships in our lives.


Special Mention: Ed-for his improved attitude to his learning! 

Hot Choc Friday- Lily 



Next Week: 


In Maths we are looking at fractions- recognising and calculating with them. 

In English we will continue to read about Charlie Small's adventures and will be working on our use of conjunctions and prepositions. 

In Science we will be dissecting a plant and looking at the different parts and what their roles are. 

Jigsaw will continue to think about loss but we will be discussing and thinking about memories. 


Reminders and News:

  • Violet and Leo took part in the PE challenge cup and came 1st out of 6 schools. Well done guys! 
  • Apologies for the delayed home learning books! There was a mix up our end! I am not expecting children to complete their home work by Monday however I do expect them to complete 2 pieces by the following Monday (7th May). 
  • SPAG mats are now going to be stuck into the home learning books. 
  • Thank you for your donations to the WWF on Friday. The children looked very animalistic! 
  • As the hot weather hopefully continues all the children need to have their water bottles and a sunhat in school. If they would like to bring sun cream they can do so but this must be applied themselves.
  • Year 4 Swimming on Thursday- You must have a swimming costume/trunks, towel, goggles and swimming hat! PLEASE PRACTICE PUTTING ON YOUR HATS. 
  • Our drama workshops led by students from Merchant Taylors School are starting on Tuesday afternoon. 

Have a great weekend!!

I hope you have enjoyed the sun over the weekend!


This Week:


In English we are starting a new unit: explanation texts. We are going to be reading two texts- 'Until I Met Dudley' by Roger McGough and 'Charlie Small: Gorilla City' by Nick Ward. We will begin to look at what is needed in explanation texts and create our own flow charts. 

In Maths we are continuing our learning of decimals. We will be adding and subtracting numbers with 2 decimal places and will be exploring this knowledge in the context of money problems. We will be revisiting our understanding of bar modelling also.

We begin our topic of Ancient Greece this week, discovering what the children already know and what they want to find out.

In Jigsaw we are thinking about our relationships, deciding which relationships we have and putting them on a relationship circle.

On Thursday Year 4 are swimming whilst Year 3 begin their Stone Age Projects.


Reminders and News:

  • SPAG mat and Home Learning books due in on Monday. 
  • Friday is non-uniform day raising money for the World Wildlife Fund. Please come into school in non-uniform that has a picture of an animal and £1.
  • As the hot weather hopefully continues all the children need to have their water bottles and a sunhat in school. If they would like to bring sun cream they can do so but this must be applied themselves.
  • Challenge Cup on Wednesday Afternoon for some of Woodpeckers.
  • Year 4 Swimming on Thursday- You must have a swimming costume/trunks, towel, goggles and swimming hat.
  • From next week we are fortunate to be taking part in drama workshops led by students from Merchant Taylors School. These will be every Tuesday afternoon for 4 weeks.

Have a great week! 

Home Learning Grid - Summer Term

Welcome back! smiley

I hope you all had a wonderful break (despite the not so great weather) and are ready and raring to go for our Summer Term. 

Please have a look at the Summer Term Overview to see what we are going to be learning this term. 

As always, I will update our class page weekly sharing with you reminders and updates about what we are up to in class. 


This Week: 

In English we are writing a recount of our Easter Holidays. We are also using our computing skills to turn our persuasive writing from last term into a PowerPoint Presentation. We will then present our work in small groups. 

Calculating with decimals is our topic this week in Maths. We are going to be adding, subtracting as well as multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. During our Maths lessons we are going to recap what 'complements to' means and use lots of equipment. 

This week we have started our daily mile! We will be running 3 laps of the field every day aiming to improve our health and fitness. 

We will be reviewing our profiles as well as updating our safety network hands 

On Thursday we are lucky to be taking part in an Earth Day workshop! 



Thursday is Year 4's first swimming lesson! All the children need to bring in a swimming kit bag with their swimming costume/trunks, towel, swimming hat and goggles. Remember this will be a slightly later pick up from school.  

Friday is Spring Term Award assembly. If your child won an award please come along for the assembly at 9am. 

Water bottles must be in school every day, especially now that the weather is heating up. 

PE kits, including trainers also need to be in school every day. 

WOW- another term complete!

Well done everyone for your hard work!


The Easter bunny visited us for a hunt in the garden today (before the rain hit)


Have a great Easter break and see you in 2 weeks! 

Miss LH and Mrs S nofrown

Rapid Fire Cricket County Finals! Well done Amy, Max, Bobbi, Ed, Ava, Luca, Maya & Adrian!!! Thanks Mrs M and Mrs T too!

Rapid Fire Cricket County Finals!  Well done Amy, Max, Bobbi, Ed, Ava, Luca, Maya & Adrian!!! Thanks Mrs M and Mrs T too!  1
Rapid Fire Cricket County Finals!  Well done Amy, Max, Bobbi, Ed, Ava, Luca, Maya & Adrian!!! Thanks Mrs M and Mrs T too!  2
Rapid Fire Cricket County Finals!  Well done Amy, Max, Bobbi, Ed, Ava, Luca, Maya & Adrian!!! Thanks Mrs M and Mrs T too!  3
Rapid Fire Cricket County Finals!  Well done Amy, Max, Bobbi, Ed, Ava, Luca, Maya & Adrian!!! Thanks Mrs M and Mrs T too!  4
Rapid Fire Cricket County Finals!  Well done Amy, Max, Bobbi, Ed, Ava, Luca, Maya & Adrian!!! Thanks Mrs M and Mrs T too!  5
Rapid Fire Cricket County Finals!  Well done Amy, Max, Bobbi, Ed, Ava, Luca, Maya & Adrian!!! Thanks Mrs M and Mrs T too!  6

I was very impressed with the mature and thoughtful discussions that the children have been having during our Jigsaw lessons. In the past 2 sessions we have discussed smoking and alcohol, thinking about how to keep our bodies healthy. 


Woodpeckers have continued to impress us with their thoughtful and deep thinking, their ability to take risks in their learning and their independence! They have had a really fantastic term and I cannot believe it is nearly our last term together. 



Next Week: 

Maths- Continuing with decimal numbers and exploring how to add and subtract them. 

English- We will edit and improve our persuasive writing and then turn this writing into a presentation using PowerPoint. 

Science- Investigation into different soil types. 

DT- Levers and Linkages to make a moving picture. 


  • Remember we finish next week on Thursday at 1:30pm. 
  • End of Term Award will be on the newsletter and the assembly after the Easter break. 


Our Star of the Week

Congratulations to...



for making much better decisions in his learning to ensure he achieves his best in lessons. 



  • The KS2 Easter Art competition will take place on our special Easter assembly on 28th April. Please can all entries be in for Monday 26th April. This was a piece of your home leaning. Father David will be judging the entries and there will be prizes so get creative! 
  • We are still collecting money for our Easter Egg Raffle. See Jess & Luca for your tickets. (£1 a strip) 
  • Class Photographs are taking place tomorrow (Tuesday).
  • Rapid Fire Cricket Team need to be in school for 8:10am on Friday. 


Next Week: 

  • Maths- we will moving on to decimal numbers.
  • English- Using our research we collected this week, we will begin to write our persuasive piece about our chosen local place of interest. 
  • On Friday our 8 selected children will represent Bromet at the Cricket Final

                                (Remember to be in school for 8:10am!) 

  • Photographs will be on Tuesday 20th. 
  • At the weekend it is Watford Harriers Fun Run!
  • Easter Artwork is due the following week (WB:26.03) 


Have a great weekend! 

Our star of the Week

Congratulations to...



For her thoughtful and sensitive suggestions in Jigsaw about solving friendship problems. 

Well done to the children for their participation in our 6T Rapid Fire Cricket Practice! It was a great new fast action sport and we will definitely be playing again! I wish I could have chosen all of them but well done to the 8 children chosen for the finals- please return your letters ASAP and if anyone is able to help please let me know. 


The children also took part in a conscience alley to persuade Captain Sullivan whether she wants to go off to sea in search of the treasure! We will then be writing postcards with our ideas! 


Please check your timings for Parents Evening and I look forward to seeing you all! 



Congratulations Woodpeckers on joint winning the attendance trophy last week! Keep it up! 




This Week: 


Maths- We are learning about symmetry this week. We will continue to revisit our shape vocabulary and will be investigating the number of lines of symmetry in regular and irregular polygons. 


English- We are returning to our topic of Persuasion this week. The children will be taking part in a conscience alley to decide if they will go on a pirate treasure hunt as well as beginning their research into a local place of interest which will be their focus for writing next week. 

In grammar we looked at determiners and will also revisit writing multi clause sentences.  


Science- An investigation into soils awaits us! 


PE- Lots of sports happening this week! On Tuesday we will be holding try outs for our 6T Rapid Fire Cricket tournament as well as having 2 sessions with Watford FC. Please ensure ALL kit is in school. 



Parents Evening on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Raffle Tickets sold by School Council for our class Easter egg raffle. 




  • School Council are selling raffle strips for our Easter Egg raffle. Each strip is £1! 
  • Mothers Day Sale on Friday afternoon! 
  • Sign up for Parents Evening on Arbor. 
  • Please remember PE Kits for every Thursday. 

Our Star of the Week is...



For his pure determination and incredible speed during our Sports Hall Athletics which won his events! 


Hot Chocolate Friday - Eila 

We came 4th in our Sports Hall Athletics!!


The children were competitive, determined and showed excellent sportsmanship throughout, clapping and cheering on their team mate. 

Thank you to all the helpers that came along! 

This Week: 

  • This week is assessment week so the children will take part in a variety of assessment activities. 
  • In Our English we are finishing writing our own poems using rhyming based upon the poem 'Preferences' by our visiting poet Stewart Henderson. 
  • In Maths we are recapping our shape vocabulary, comparing and contrasting properties.
  • We will also be celebrating World Maths Day and completing a special challenge set on Mathletics. 
  • Our topic in Jigsaw of 'Healthy Me' will also begin this week. 

Our Star of the Week


For his dedication during a double Fitter Futures even in the snow! 



  • Please sign up for Parents Evening through Arbor. Thank you to those who have already done so. 
  • Sports Hall Athletics on Tuesday. Remember to come in kit. 
  • Mothers Day Sale on Friday. 


Our Star of the week is... 


for working well in her group and leading them to create a great Garden of Dreams design. She worked hard to achieve her goal. 


Hot Choc Friday winner is Varali- for her fantastic helping this week. 

Our Woodpecker Finalists- Super proud of you all. Huge congratulations to Luca on becoming the Talent Show Overall Winner!!

Our Woodpecker Finalists- Super proud of you all. Huge congratulations to Luca on becoming the Talent Show Overall Winner!! 1
Our Woodpecker Finalists- Super proud of you all. Huge congratulations to Luca on becoming the Talent Show Overall Winner!! 2
Our Woodpecker Finalists- Super proud of you all. Huge congratulations to Luca on becoming the Talent Show Overall Winner!! 3

This Week:

We have been finishing our play scripts to make final edits and then peer assessed our work.  

In Maths we have been learning all about perimeter and played Dicey Perimeter!

We have also been working in our groups showing cooperation and compromise to design our garden of dreams items which will be displayed in the hall on Friday after half term.  

Good Luck to Luca, Tommy & Leo who are entered into the Talent Show Finals Friday afternoon! 


Mrs Sullivan and I wish you a happy half term. Have a good rest and we will see you back on Monday 19th for our second part of Spring Term. 

Garden of Dreams Designing- Great Teamwork shown by all!

Garden of Dreams Designing- Great Teamwork shown by all!  1
Garden of Dreams Designing- Great Teamwork shown by all!  2
Garden of Dreams Designing- Great Teamwork shown by all!  3
Garden of Dreams Designing- Great Teamwork shown by all!  4
Garden of Dreams Designing- Great Teamwork shown by all!  5

Our Star of the Week





For being positive about other's ideas and helping others to achieve their goals. 


Hot Choc Friday- Maya for making me smile lots this week! 

Star of the Week




for always being happy and smiling plus she always has a positive, can-do attitude! 


Hot Choc goes to Leo! 


I am so incredibly proud of Woodpeckers and their fantastic assembly this morning. 

You all did amazingly well, speaking loudly and clearly and with enthusiasm! Well done all. 




  • Talent Show Heat is next Friday Afternoon! 
  • Any Watford FC consent forms to be handed in please. 



Star of the Week


Congratulations to....


For always being happy and positive which allows you to work well with others no matter the task. 


Hot Choc- Sienna 

Please remember to come along to our class assembly tomorrow! 

The children have worked really hard and we are looking forward to sharing our learning with you! 

Come to the hall after drop off. Assembly begins at 9am. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!

We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!  1
We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!  2
We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!  3
We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!  4
We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!  5
We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!  6
We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!  7
We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!  8
We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!  9
We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!  10
We've had an excellent and informative Viking Day!  11

A few bits and bobs:

  • Viking Workshop on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to seeing your costumes! 
  • Class Assembly on Friday- Please come along for 9am start. 
  • Keep practising your class assembly lines! 
  • Practice the Viking Rock song- lyrics are on the link below. 
  • Please return the Watford FC consent form as soon as possible. If you need a new copy let me know.  

Viking Rock Lyrics

What have we been learning? 


English- Play scripts- learning the features, turning play script into narrative and poems into play script. We have really been working hard on our language and our use of adverbs. Our words of the week include indignant, meekly and curious.


Maths - Measurements- we have been learning our conversions between different units  and have begun to compare and explain the difference between units. On Friday we will be comparing and estimating mass & capacity in an investigation! 


Science- Rocks- This week we have studied different samples of rocks and drawn observational pictures, thinking about their properties. 


History- We looked at the home lands and settlements of the Vikings and have started to learn a Viking song! 


Our Star of The Week

Congratulations to...


For her improved and risk-taking attitude to learning and for not giving up when she finds things difficult .


Our star of the week is...


for staying motivated in our challenging converting measurements lesson. 


Congratulations to Caleb on earning his Level 5 Swimming Badge! We are very proud!

Congratulations to Caleb on earning his Level 5 Swimming Badge! We are very proud!  1

1st Week of Watford FC Premier Stars- Dribbling

1st Week of Watford FC Premier Stars- Dribbling 1
1st Week of Watford FC Premier Stars- Dribbling 2
1st Week of Watford FC Premier Stars- Dribbling 3
1st Week of Watford FC Premier Stars- Dribbling 4
1st Week of Watford FC Premier Stars- Dribbling 5

Please remember to have outdoor PE kit in school ready for our first training session with Watford FC tomorrow. 

Our Viking Workshop Letter

It was great to see everyone back and the children came in with a positive and ready to learn attitude! I have enjoyed reading their letters that they wrote with Mrs Austen about their holidays.


Mrs Sullivan and I want to say a huge thank you for all our gifts and vouchers! Your generosity is overwhelming and they were much appreciated! 

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Bring on an exciting 2018!!!



Please keep checking the Class Page weekly. I will continue to put weekly messages, reminders and updates about things happening in class. 


Spring Term Overview 2018

Woodpeckers love their Christmas Present!

Woodpeckers love their Christmas Present!  1 Opening the gift...
Woodpeckers love their Christmas Present!  2 Mas and Millie being expert builders!
Woodpeckers love their Christmas Present!  3 Enjoying our new air hockey game!

Beautiful Carol singing from Woodpeckers this morning! Thanks all that came to support us!

Beautiful Carol singing from Woodpeckers this morning! Thanks all that came to support us!  1
Beautiful Carol singing from Woodpeckers this morning! Thanks all that came to support us!  2


  • John Lewis Carols taking place inside the shop at 11am. Helpers please be at school at 10am!
  • Class Party Monday afternoon! Please bring food and games!
  •  End of Term is 1:30pm on Tuesday! 

If you are able to help with our John Lewis Carols please let me know.  

Thank you to those who have already offered! 


On Monday afternoon we are going to be having our Christmas Party.

The children can bring in some food and toys/games if they would like to.

Please remember no nuts! 

Christmas is here! We enjoyed our Christmas lunch and booing the baddies at the Pantomime Aladdin!

Christmas is here! We enjoyed our Christmas lunch and booing the baddies at the Pantomime Aladdin!  1 Tasty Turkey!
Christmas is here! We enjoyed our Christmas lunch and booing the baddies at the Pantomime Aladdin!  2
Christmas is here! We enjoyed our Christmas lunch and booing the baddies at the Pantomime Aladdin!  3 Ready for Aladdin
Christmas is here! We enjoyed our Christmas lunch and booing the baddies at the Pantomime Aladdin!  4

I hope you all enjoyed your snow day and kept yourselves safe in the snow!

Reminders for this week: 

Wednesday- Christmas Jumper and Christmas Lunch day. I look forward to the amazing festive outfits! 

Thursday- We will be watching the Panto. Mrs Michaels will also be teaching in the morning. 

Friday- It is our Christmas Fair after school! Please come along and support the PTFA! 


As we were unable to perform at John Lewis today we are hoping to rearrange for next Monday! I will keep you updated. 


Woodpecker Star of the Week 


Congratulations to... 




For always being supportive and positive about others and their work.  


Hot Choc Friday goes to... Ed! 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Speed Stacking Prep

Our practising for the speed stacking competition has begun!

Today we practices our up and down stacking as well as a 3-3-3

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Woodpecker Star of the Week 9

Congratulations to…


for always being inclusive and for making others feel welcomed. She always allows others to join her games on the playground.


Children’s University – parent information

The children had an assembly earlier in the term. This is the link for more information, we have a lot of KS2 children register for this every year, all who take this opportunity find it worthwhile. Please return application forms to Miss Weyer


Year 5 Cross Country

I wanted to say a HUGE congratulations to the children that took part in our (slightly wet) cross country competition this afternoon.

All the children completed the 1500m course and represented the school fantastically, showing good sportsmanship to the other runners.  I was incredibly proud!

We did very well, with Zoe coming 3rd in the Girls race and Ben coming 2nd both winning medals!  They, along with Rosie and Tom, will be taking part in county finals soon!

Once again, WELL DONE to all of the runners!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Our learning this week…

The children have already been busy this week preparing their Remembrance display items.  Please remember to come along to the hall from 2:45pm to view the Remembrance displays each class has made. 

The children have written some Remembrance themed poems, created clay tiles as well as decorating poppies-pictures to follow!

In Maths this week we are learning all about factors and correspondence problems.

Later in the week we are going to be testing our home learning cars that we made in a friction investigation!


Woodpecker Star of the Week 8

Congratulations to…


for accepting that everyone is different and respecting these differences.

Woodpecker Star of the Week 7

Congratulations to…


for making good choices in his behaviour and following our class charter.


Kingfisher Plea for Construction 

Hello, if you are intending to make space for Santa to drop off toys before Christmas Kingfisher Class would be very grateful for any unwanted construction (Lego , Knex etc) We have a small box at the minute and even though they are very good at sharing the children would like some more. 


Happy World Smile Day 2017

A smile cost nothing, but gives much. 

It enriches those who receive, 
without making poorer those who give. 
It takes but a moment, 
but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. 

None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it, and none is so poor but that he can be made rich by it. 

A smile creates happiness in the home, 
fosters good will in business, 
and is the countersign of friendship. 
It brings rest to the weary, 
cheer to the discouraged, 
sunshine to the sad, 
and is nature’s best antidote for trouble. 

Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, 
for it is something that is of no value to anyone 
until it is given away. 

Some people are too tired to give you a smile. 
Give them one of yours, 
as none needs a smile so much as he who has no more to give.


To celebrate World Smile Day we each designed our own smile and then wrote a message to a class mate to make them smile!

We had a mixture of compliments, well wishes and jokes!

Thank you

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Eagle Class ‘Black History Month’ Poster

Eagle Class your posters are fantastic I can see how much detail is in the posters. Well done!


Miss Shah History coordinator


Sparrow Class ‘Black History Month’ Posters

Well done Sparrow Class your posters are fantastic, you have learnt loads.



Miss Shah History coordinator


Falcon Class Black History Month Posters

Well done Falcon Class your ‘Black History Month’ posters look really fantastic and I can see how much detail you have added.



Miss Shah History coordinator


Star of the Week

Congratulations to…



For always being kind and caring to everyone! She is always caring of other people’s feelings and brightens up our day!

Science Learning

Over the last two weeks we have been learning all about forces and how they make things move.

This week we worked in groups of 4 to plan and conduct an investigation into how the size of a windmill blade will affect the speed or amount of time it will spin for.

The children really enjoyed making their windmills so here are the instructions:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Celebrating Black History Month Poster!


Kingfisher Class Black History Month Learning

Kingfisher Class have started their learning to mark the start of ‘Black History Month’. I am really impressed with your research on ‘Katherine Johnson’ keep it up!

Miss Shah

History coordinator


Moor Park Run

Well done to all the children that took part in the Moor Park run!

We are very proud of all of them!

Jessica, Ellie and Maya all with their medals & Leo too!



Star of the Week 4

Congratulations to…



For being a fantastic talk partner and supporting others to edit and improve their writing thus respecting everyone’s right to learn!

Garden Visit

Today we visited the garden for the first time. It was great fun!

We were very busy doing lots of autumnal jobs such as weeding the flower beds, digging up the corn and sunflowers, picking some yellow raspberries, planting new strawberries, picking tomatoes & lots more…

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Sports Afternoon 2017

Just a reminder:

  • Please bring cakes in Thursday or Friday for our Peace Hospice cake sale.

  • Children need to come to school in their PE kits with a coloured top of their house colour (the colour they sit in at lunch) on Friday. If they do not have a top in that colour their teacher will give them a coloured sticker.

  • Please come and watch Sports Afternoon from 1:30pm. We will be having a parent and teacher race at the end of the results.

  • The children will return to their classrooms at the end of the day and you will collect them from the playground as normal.

    Thank you.              Miss LH


Woodpecker Star of the Week

Congratulations to…


For her great representation of our class at school council and for respecting and listening to other people’s ideas about how to improve our school.


Map Work

We been continuing our map skills today by exploring some Ordnance Survey Maps. Many of the children located our school and their houses. We then talked about the different symbols that you can find on the maps!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Here is the link to the MapZone website! (as promised Amy!)

 Have an explore and see if you can find any more symbols on the maps!


Meet the Teacher

Thank you to all of you that came. It was lovely to meet you.

Here is the PowerPoint.

Just to clarify- One Home learning task needs to completed every week. Some will have specific dates whereas the others are free choice for when you wish to hand them in. Please sign each completed task.

We will have a great year!

Meet the Teacher

Looking forward to seeing you all this afternoon!

Please come along to the classroom straight after school.

Have a great day!

Miss LH


Star of the Week W2

Congratulations to…


He is someone that always includes other children and makes them feel welcome!


Geography Learning

Today we were beginning to learn about map work and our focus was using a compass.

We identified the different points on the compass, read directions to find different locations and then wrote our own directions.

After this we used the Ipads to play different direction games!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Working hard…

We have been working really hard in our first 2 weeks!

We tested our creativity and worked as a team to think of as many ways to use a paper clip as we could!

We wrote about our summer holidays, creating recipes to follow to have a great time.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We are proud of our new class name and learnt a little about the beautiful birds, woodpeckers. This inspired us to write an acrostic poem about the hopping, knocking, noisy little birds!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We then drew some woodpeckers, looking closely at details.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Check out our classroom display!


Take a look at our classroom….

The walls are starting to fill up!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Star of the Week 1

Congratulations to….


Who always makes others feel welcome and included!


Bedtime Story Competition 2017

Do you know a child aged between 5 and 11 years old who has a brilliant idea for a bedtime story? Would they love to see it published as a fantastic picture book? Book People, in association with Little Tiger, are on the lookout for the nation’s best storyteller!

 Any child living in the UK aged between 5 and 11 years old can take part in Book People’s Bedtime Story Competition. Schools, libraries and community groups are welcome to submit entries for their children, too. All they will need to do is:

  • Write a 200-800 word bedtime story about friendship
  • Have a parent or guardian submit their entry using the link below
  • All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm on Monday 2 October

One winner will be selected from each age category and one overall winner will be chosen to have their book illustrated by Alison Brown, published by Little Tiger and sold exclusively through Book People!

To find out more, go 

Mr Libberton


Hertfordshire Library Services

Here are some events at local Hertfordshire Libraries. Click the link to find out about different events and activities on offer.

Weekend Stories – story time for under 8s

Weekend Stories are story time sessions in the library aimed at children under 8 years old. Come along to Saturday Stories or Sunday Stories and enjoy listening to old favourites and discovering new stories too.

This is a family event and all ages are welcome.

  • £1 voluntary donation per family

Hertfordshire Weekend Stories


Chatterbooks – reading groups for 8-12 year olds
Whether your child is already an avid reader or needing some inspiration, joining Chatterbooks is a great way to encourage them to have fun with books.

Please find more information about when the groups meet and to apply for a space in the link

Hertfordshire Chatterbooks


If you take part in any of these activities please let us know at school it would be great to share experiences at the Library.
Many Thanks
Mr Libberton


Welcome Back Woodpeckers!

Hello and Welcome to

Woodpeckers 2017/18!

I hope that you all had a fantastic summer and enjoyed the sun (what we had of it). The time has whizzed by! I know Mrs Sullivan and myself are looking forward to hearing all about your time off and the exciting things that you have been up to.

In our first week we will be deciding on our class rules and thinking about out Jigsaw charter; creating some Woodpecker inspired art; writing all about your summer; exploring some investigations in Maths and beginning our times table challenge as well as plenty more! I hope you are ready and have got your growth mindsets switched on!



Below is an outline of some of the things we are going to be learning in this Autumn term:

English– Through our study of fiction, non-chronological report writing and poetry we will develop our writing skills, including the use of correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary choices and text layout.

Maths- In Maths we will be looking at the place value of 4 digits numbers as well as thinking about decimals. We will study addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods. We will develop our reasoning and mastery through problem solving and mastery challenges. We will begin to explain the different methods we could use to reach an answer. Times Tables and division facts up to 12 x 12 will be practised each week.

Science– Our topic in Science this term is forces and magnets. We will learn how to identify pushes and pulls as forces and explore how things move on different surfaces. We will find out about attraction and repulsion by magnetic forces and which materials are magnetic. Look at compasses and uses of magnets. Also we will carry out some enquiries using magnets.

Jigsaw – Puzzle 1 (Being Me in My World), gives the class a process for everyone to be involved in the production or review of the class positive behaviour policy. Rights, responsibilities, rewards and consequences are built on the belief that each child has the right and the capacity to make his/her own

History– In History we will be learning about our local area of Bushey and will be considering how the local area has changed over the years using a variety of sources as well as going on local walks.

Geography-  This term we will be learning about the different points on a compass and using this to help us think about the geography of our local area of Bushey.

Computing-  We will be learning how to select, use and combine a variety of software(including internet services) on a range of digital devices to design and create a presentation.

Art-  In Art we will improve our mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials (e.g. pencil, charcoal, paint, clay). In addition to learning about great artists, architects and designers in history.

PE: In games we will develop our skills in athletics We will use Yoga to allow us  consider our core strength breathing and balance. We will be learning the game of Tag Rugby. We will also be taking part in Fitter Futures challenges to help improve our fitness.

Music– In Music we will develop skills relating to composing, performing and listening. We will be exploring sounds and rhythmic pattern. We will be learning a variety of songs and using these to enhance our musical skills.

D&T – In DT we will be considering what a healthy diet is, looking at The Eat Well plate and what a balanced, healthy diet means.  We will learn some ways to prepare ingredients safely and hygienically whilst using equipment and utensils to prepare and combine ingredients to make a product.

RE– Mrs Bastable will be teaching RE this year. She will be teaching about Sikhism including understanding further about the sacred book for Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib, linking it to the beliefs and practices of Sikhs.

French– Madame Lawson will be teaching French. Her topics will include: my town and school, local area, simple directions, transport and school.


Remember school starts on Tuesday! See you all then.

Miss LH


Thank you for Woodpeckers

Thank you all for your gifts and good wishes for the summer.

It has been such a pleasure teaching you all.

Stay safe, have fun and relax!


Woodpecker’s last week of term

We have made it to the end of a very busy, happy year together!

Let’s see what’s in store for this week:

Maths: Money and division

English: writing to persuade- advertise your friend!

PE kits needed for Wednesday, then home for a wash!

ART: Thank you cards to be made

Last garden visit is Wednesday, bring a hat!

On Thursday you are invited to bring in a toy or game from home

( nothing electronic, hand- held,fidget spinner or breakable)

Mrs Sullivan and I will make you a slice of toast and a cup of squash!


Have a safe, happy and relaxing summer!

It has been such a pleasure teaching you all!

See you in September!


Visit your local Library over the Summer

Picture 1
Picture 2

Woodpecker Week Ahead


I hope you all had a lovely long weekend!

We have really enjoyed our 2 minute teacher presentations and hope to complete these on Tuesday after French.

Our Learning will be:

Maths: Statistics

English: Leaflet writing

Art/Science: We will come to the end of our Science topic creating posters of our learning

PSHCE: We will discuss keeping safe and what we should do in different situations

History: James Cook

Garden Visit

No swimming this week

On Wednesday you are invited  to  come in to look at your children’s’ books 3.15-4.00. On Thursday children will be spending time in their new classes, with their next teacher and teaching partner.

I cannot believe our time together is nearly over- it has been such a pleasure!

Have a good week.



Star of the Week Woodpeckers

What a heartfelt 2 minute teacher presentation. It made us all think about how we would feel!


Week 11

What a lovely time had by all for Round the World Day!

Next week- don’t forget packaging due in Monday and your 2 minute teacher presentations. We will share these on Wednesday.

Monday: Maths, English, Music, History and a Game-on activity

Tuesday: French and DT

Wednesday: 2 minute teacher presentations and DT

Thursday: Maths and stories to complete

Friday: Maths, English, Jigsaw and  DVDs in the afternoon.

Have a good week!


Woodpecker Star

Well done to this week’s Star!


Kandinsky in Woodpeckers- Round the World

Picture 1
Picture 2

Raffle Winners for Year 6 Enterprise

Winning ticket for the Wacky Face game is  – Pink 71-75

Second prize Aqua Blaster is –  Pink 106-110

Third prize a Teddy Bear is – Pink 51 – 55

Thank you for all your support


Summer Fete!


Woodpecker’s Week


It’s going to be a hot week. Please have your water bottle and hat in school.

 Maths: Capacity challenge and division methods

English: Diary writing and story planning

Science: Adaptation

P.E.  YR4 Swimming- year 3 joining year 5

R.E. Islam

History: Famous explorer- James Cook

JIGSAW: Changing Me, beginning to look at what we can do now that we couldn’t do when we were smaller.

Spelling and times- tables


Have a great week!


Water Bottles / Hats / Suncream

It looks like summer is here so please remember water bottles, hats and suncream tomorrow (if they don’t have all day suncream at home).  


Maths Workshop

Thank you to those who attended the Maths Workshop on Tuesday evening.

Attached is a copy of the PowerPoint from the evening.

Maths Calculation Information

Week 8 Woodpecker

We have already been enjoying a problem solving afternoon.

We are looking at capacity in maths and reading and comprehension in English before we get back to the brilliant Iron Man.

Don’t forget the maths workshop is tomorrow evening, come and join us to find out what we have been up to and how you can help your children.

Garden on Wednesday- a bug hunt.

Swimming on Thursday

Sponsored mile on Friday!

Any Jazzy Jars still welcome, please bring them carefully to the office.



Woodpecker Star


A person who celebrates friendships and accepts people for who they are.

Maths Problem Solving Week

This coming week is Maths Problem Solving Week.

All the children will be completing activities in their class rooms.  Reception up to Year 4 will also be taking part in a Problem Solving Workshop run by The Happy Puzzle Company.

After school, in the hall from 3.15pm, on Monday only, you will have the opportunity to purchase games and puzzles for as little as 75p.

Please see the web link below for a voucher to use when making your purchase on Monday, you can print it off yourself, to claim the Happy Puzzle Voucher, or alternatively collect one on arrival at the school hall on Monday.

There is a Problem Solving workshop of Parents only on Tuesday at 6.30pm, please complete the return slip on the letter sent out previously to indicate your interest so that we are able to cater for the numbers.

Thank you.


Summer Fete! 

Jazzy Jars are due in tomorrow. There will be tables in the playground for you to put them on. 


Woodpecker’s Clay

As part of our fun today, we spent the morning creating clay mini- beasts!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Watford Library 


Woodpecker’s Star


Congratulations to this week’s star. Someone who has worked hard throughout this half term’s Jigsaw Unit and understands the importance of relationships.


Happy half- term!

Woodpeckers- we have nearly completed our school year. Just one half- term left! I have attached an overview of our timetable for  after the holiday.

Have a lovely holiday and a rest. School ends at 3.15 as usual tomorrow and we are back Monday on 5th June.


Class Reminders


Finally, summer is here!

 Please may we remind you to send in a sun hat for your child for play times – this does not need to be a Bromet sun hat, one from home will be fine, please ensure it is named!

You may also wish to apply sun cream to your child before school, or if they are able to apply it themselves, they may bring some in with them, for their use only.

Please make sure your child has a water bottle in school every day and if they suffer with asthma, that they have an up to date inhaler in school at all times.

Thank you, let’s hope it lasts!


Week 6 Woodpeckers

Another busy week has ended, we are ready for the next!

Maths: Multiplication and Division Skills

English: Persuasive writing

Science/Art: Clay mini-beast making

Jigsaw: Relationships

P.E. Fitter Futures and Swimming

Computing: Networks and storage

Friday is our Well-Being day, the children will be participating in a variety of activities ending the day with a Mindfulness session with Mrs Pace.

HALF- TERM We are back in School  5th June!


Useful website for online safety

Have a look there are some very useful resources on this site.


Week 5 in Woodpeckers


Some great art work has been produced this week!

Week ahead

Maths: Geometry

English: Poetry and more writing our own

Science: Habitats


Geography: Mountains

P.E: Swimming

R.E. with Mrs A- Islam

Spellings and Times Tables.

Have a good weekend.


Woodpecker Star

For someone who is polite, respectful and hard working!


Woodpecker’s Star

For a real team player! Well done!




Growth Mindset Workshop 


Week 3 in Woodpeckers

We had a great time swimming and  are looking forward to going again!

MATHS: Number and problem solving

ENGLISH: This week we will be planning and writing a sports report of our own.

JIGSAW: Relationships.

R.E. Islam.

GEOGRAPHY: Mountains.

On Friday we will be studying the work of  Hokusai in  our ART lesson. See if you can research any  of his paintings.

Spellings and Timetables.



Woodpecker’s Star

This person always tries to resolve conflicts- what a great friend to know!


Woodpecker Weekly

Swimming for year 4 on Thursday. Don’t forget your kits, we return to school at approx  3.30- 3.40pm. ( Year 3 will be joining Year 5 to do P.E )

Maths: Area and Perimeter

English: Incredible Sports



Science:Life Processes

French starts again for the summer

Guided Reading: To develop reading and inference skills

Spellings, times tables and Division as usual

Enjoy your weekend, see you next week.


Earth Day Flowers by Woodpeckers

Earth Day Flowers


Woodpecker Star

For being a great friend and facing any challenge with a smile!


Welcome Back Woodpecker Class

I hope you have all had a lovely holiday.

Week One as follows…

Maths: Time graphs and decimal fractions.

English: New Unit, Most Incredible Sports.

Science: Living things, food chains and habitats.

PE: All together until next week, then Year 4 will be swimming.

Geography: Mountains.

Jigsaw: Relationships.

Don’t forget to keep practising your time tables and division facts.

See you all next week!


Happy Easter to all in Woodpecker Class



Summer Term Woodpecker Class

Each week I will be updating Our Class Blog to give you information about the coming week and important dates to remember.

This blog outlines the summer term ahead and what your children will be learning.


GEOGRAPHY:  We will learn to locate the world’s countries, using maps concentrating on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics.

Human and physical geography

Describe and understand key aspects of physical geography, including:climate zones,  mountains and volcanoes.


ART: The children will improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing and printing. They will begin to evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design.



We will describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans

Identify the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions

To construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey. 

R.E:  We will turn our thoughts to: What makes a special book a sacred book? Why is the bible sacred for Christians?

ENGLISH: Through our study of fiction, non-chronological report writing and poetry we will develop our writing skills, including the use of correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary choices and text layout.


MATHS:This term number will involve factors and square numbers. We will study addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods. In measurement we will be looking at area and perimeter, mass and capacity. We will develop our reasoning and mastery through problem solving and mastery challenges.


HISTORY: We will continue to develop a chronologically-secure knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history.

We will use research and secondary sources to find out about the life and times of individuals in history.

P.E: Year 4 will be swimming. Year 3 will be joining Year 5 for P.E. Sessions.

After half term we will have our weekly garden visits on a Wednesday.


KS2 Choir

New school choir – sign up now!

The choir will be open to all KS2 children with no auditions needed. Rehearsals will take place at school on Thursdays from 3.15 to 4.00pm with Mrs Williams and Miss Langley Higgs.

The choir will provide a valuable opportunity for the children to develop their vocal technique and build confidence in their abilities, gaining knowledge of music theory and performance skills and, most of all, to enjoy singing together.

Please sign up now on the School Gateway!


Can you help with the choir?

We are looking for a volunteer piano/keyboard accompanist for occasional rehearsals and termly concerts.

We would also like to hear from any parents who want to help with the choir in other ways, whether by supporting children’s engagement during rehearsals, contributing ideas or helping to organise concerts – no musical experience necessary.

If you are interested in any of these roles, or you know someone else who might be, please contact Miss Langley Higgs.


Woodpecker Weekly

WOW! WHAT A GREAT SHOW-Thank you  to all who entered the talent show today.We know Bromet children are amazing, you were all so brave.

We raised over £240 pounds towards Comic relief- thank you for all your donations.

It will be a busy week as usual next week just a few reminders.

Easter Posters in on Monday- Easter Bonnets on Tuesday, in time for our Easter Parade.

On Thursday we will be having an Easter Assembly and hold the Easter Egg Raffle.

Friday is an assembly that includes the end of term awards, well done if it’s you.

School finishes at 1.30pm next Friday.

Have a good weekend.

Woodpecker Star

A great  friend,to  know and to have- Well done!


Week 10 Woodpeckers

We had a wonderful time learning about food origins and healthy eating on Wednesday. After which the children were able to make fruit kebabs and flavour their own water. No room for lunch as you can imagine.

Thank you to all who walked with us.

Our learning ( we have a teaching student with us for the next two weeks)

MATHS: Finishing off measure moving into formal methods of subtraction.

ENGLISH: Completing SPIDERWICK- next chapter, written by the children.

SCIENCE: Separating solids and liquids.

HISTORY: Anglo Saxons.

P.E. Tag Rugby.

FRENCH: Last session for this term- directions.

JIGSAW: Healthy Me.

Spellings and times tables.



Pupil Progress Evenings Tuesday and Wednesday.

HFL  Meeting Thursday.


KS2 Easter Posters due in Monday 27th March.

Have a good weekend.


Woodpecker’s Star

Star of the week goes to a great tag rugby player!


Woodpecker Star

For a positive and healthy attitude to your learning- well done!


Woodpecker’s Star

Well done to someone who has listened carefully this week and used  new ideas in their work!


Woodpeckers- 6th March

Another busy week ahead.Thank you for all you hard work this week I will enjoy reading your stories linked to our book week.

Maths: Fractions are back!

English: Spiderwick and work linked to grammar skills.

Science: Melting and cross- curricular writing.

Jigsaw:Healthy Me- balanced diet.

History: Anglo Saxons.

P.E. Tag rugby and Fitter Futures.

As usual spellings and times tables and don’t forget….

TALENT SHOW HEATS on 6th and 10th March.

GOOD LUCK to all who enter.


Swift and Woodpecker Garden of Dreams 


Woodpecker Week 7

Don’t forget it’s Thursday 2nd March!

Maths: Formal Methods of Multiplication

English: We will be doing lots of things ‘booky’!!!

Science: Melting Investigation

Art: Linked to Book Week

History: Anglo Saxons

Jigsaw: The new Healthy Me unit begins.

And of course….Spellings, Guided Reading and times tables!


Star of the Week Woodpeckers

To someone who has been working hard to achieve their own goals.


Thank you for your homework Woodpeckers

Picture 1
Picture 2

World Book Day 2017


This year World Book Day is on Thursday 2nd March to celebrate reading books, authors and illustrators. It is held in more than 100 countries around the world. A key aim is to give every child in the UK a book of their own to keep. Every child is eligible to receive a £1 World Book Day Token which can be exchanged for one of ten exclusive £1 World Book Day Books, or if you prefer, use it to get £1 off any full-priced book or audio book. Tokens must be redeemed by the end of March 2016.


We will be celebrating this great event on Thursday, 2nd March, by asking children to come dressed as their favourite book character. There will be prizes for the most original costume in each class and every child will receive their £1 World Book Token.

If you would like to find out more information about World Book Day, there are ideas, activities and resources at:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Swift Class Request

Hello, we are looking for empty shoe boxes for after half term. Any donations gratefully received! 


Woodpecker’s Star of the Week




Woodpecker Week 5

Dont forget:

Wear something red next Friday and donate £1 to our local charity!


Maths:  Subtraction skills

English: Reports and Poetry

Science: Melting Solids

RE: Sikhism

PE: Circuits

X tables, as always!

History: Anglo- Saxons

Art: Stitching


Half- term begins Monday 13th February- have a good break!



Please remember Friday 10th February is “Wear a heart or something red for Home-Start” and donate £1


Junk Modelling Materials Needed In Robin Class


The children in Robin class are very creative! We need lots of boxes, plastic containers (not milk cartons), rolls of cardboard for our fantastic creations. The children love to make and invent, last week we had Robots, Planes and many more inventive ideas! If you have any of these we would be greatly appreciative.

Many Thanks,

Mr Libberton and Mrs Warner



Thank you to all of you that were able to attend our assembly on Friday. I am very proud of the children.

Our week ahead will include

Maths: Place value including negative numbers. (Appropriate for the current weather.)

Times Tables Challenges.

English: Continuing the research stage of our report writing.

History: Anglo Saxons.

Art: Story-boarding our textile design.

Science:Solids, liquids and gases- linking to measure and volume.

Don’t forget to walk to school on Wednesday- we will record our travel.




Congratulations Woodpeckers, what a great example of working together as a group! A lovely assembly, well done!


Class Assembly

We are all looking forward to seeing you at our assembly tomorrow morning!

9am, please stay for a cup of tea or coffee if you are able.


Woodpeckers: WEEK 3


Our learning for the week ahead.

MATHS: Time.

ENGLISH: Report writing.

HISTORY: Anglo Saxons.

FRENCH: Where we live.

JIGSAW: Hopes and Dreams.

P.E. Tag Rugby.

RE: Sharing.

SCIENCE: The difference in particles.


Woodpecker Star of the Week


Well done to someone who has worked really hard to understand different methods of multiplication.


Watford Junior Challenge Run 2017

The Watford Junior Challenge Run, organised by Watford Harriers, will take place on Saturday 18 March 2017 at Cassiobury Park from 11.15am.

There will be races for U8, U10, U12 and U14.

If your child is interested in entering ask them to collect an entry form from Mrs Burns


Saracens Tickets!


For every ticket bought by a Bromet Family the school receives ‘cashback’


Week 2

Our Week ahead will include…

Maths:Formal methods of multiplication.

English: Report writing.

Topic/Art: Looking at how pictures tell a story.

Assembly: The children are beginning to plan ideas, in preparation for our Class Assembly, on 27th January.

Jigsaw: Thinking about our Hopes and Dreams.

Science: Solids, Liquids and Gases and the difference in how the particles are packed.

Computing: Internet safety reminders.

Spellings and Times Tables: Keep Practising!

Have a great weekend!


Star of the Week


Well Done to someone who never gave up in Maths!


Welcome to 2017

Happy 2017 to one and all!

Each week we will be updating our blog to give you information about the coming week and important dates to remember.

Our first blog tells you about the term ahead.

Your children will be learning.


Maths: This term number will be finding factors and square numbers. We will study addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods. In measurement we will be looking at converting units of time and using 12 and 24 hour clocks.


English: Through our study of fiction, report text writing and poetry we will develop our writing skills, including the use of correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary choices and text layout.

Geography: To name and locate counties and cities of Europe, geographical regions and their identifying human and physical characteristics, key topographical features (including hills, mountains, coasts and rivers.

Art: To improve our mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting and textiles To learn about great artists, architects and designers in history. To begin to show an awareness of objects having a third dimension.

Science: To compare and group materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases. To observe that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled, and measure or research the temperature at which this happens in degrees Celsius (°C) To identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle and associate the rate of evaporation with temperature.
Computing: To explore simulations, investigating the structure and exploring how they might be programmed. To decompose tasks, creating and debug algorithms and understanding how algorithms support the programming process. 

R.E. To understand why it is important to share food. To know how food is shared as part of Christian Worship. To know how Jesus shared his last supper.

History:To use a range of sources to find out about the history of the Anglo Saxons. To discuss and understand the meaning of the terms ‘invaders’ and ‘settlers’.

D.T: To select and use a range of appropriate tools with some accuracy e.g. cutting, joining and finishing. To select fabrics and fastenings according to their functional characteristics e.g. strength, and aestheticqualities e.g. pattern.To test their product against their original design criteria.

Music: To develop skills relating to composing, performing and listening. To explore rhythmic pattern.

Jigsaw: Hope and Dreams. to share our hopes and dreams and discuss and plan ways we can achieve these using a growth mindset approach to tackling a challenge.




Don’t Forget.

MONDAY: 1.45pm Church Performance. 6.oo pm, return to church in school uniform for 6.30pm performance.7.15 collection.

Tuesday: Sandwich making- carrier bags needed for books.

Wednesday: Awards Assembly. 1.30pm Finish for Christmas.




Thank you for your support this term.

Week 14 – Nearly Christmas!


Amazing art paying attention to detail!

Next Week- Please return permission slips for Friday and Monday walk to church.

What a busy Christmas- filled week ahead.

Monday: Writing up our Spooky Tales for display and JACK and the BEANSTALK.

Tuesday: Maths test on measure and making Christmas Cards in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Christmas Dinner- Wear your Christmas Jumper Day!

Thursday: DT – Sandwich making and watching KS1 Dress Rehearsal.

Friday: Dress Rehearsal to school- Church rehearsal in the afternoon.

 Good Luck to all.

Have a good week!


Week 13


What a great team effort at The Speed Stacking Event. We are through to the finals.


Wishing our team of 8 GOOD LUCK on Tuesday.












Don’t Forget

Saracen’s info below

Click on link



Week 11

An enthusiastic learner during our Science week.

What a great time we all had during Science Week. We were very busy and the children managed really well, when moving around the school to take part in a variety of activities. Well done!



Our week

English: This unit will involve the children writing and telling a story based on a short story they have listened to in class.

Maths: Addition and Decimals

Geography: Completed

History: We will be discussing Bushey then and now and looking at how and why a place has to change. (Geog Links)

Art: We will be looking at the work of Hubert Herkomer the famous proprietor of The Herkomer Art School.

Science: Electricity.

French: Telling the time.

Don’t forget… this Friday…

Have a good week!



starCongratulations a great poet in the making!

This week it’s our Science week with lots of additional activities and visitors linked to Science.

On Monday we  have Science workshop in the afternoon.

Mrs M will be teaching Science all afternoon on Tuesday

On Wednesday  a dentist will be visiting us to talk about their job and keeping our teeth healthy.

On Friday there will be a Recycle Workshop in our class for the afternoon.

FINALLY- Congratulations to year 3 who came first place in

The Challenge Cup!


Week 9

Welcome to Week 9

Another busy week ahead. Don’t forget school photos on Friday!

Year 5 and myself off to Woodrow until Wednesday.

The children thoroughly enjoyed The Drum Workshop on Friday and gave a fabulously loud performance at the end of the day! Well Done!

Well Done! A times tables  success.

Maths: Assessments and Co-ordinates.

English: Assessments and Poetry.

Geography: Land use.

Computing: Welcome to the Web.

Science: Electricity.

Spellings: Test as usual.

Times Tables Challenge:


Welcome Back to week 8


For having a real Growth Mind-set and embracing the ‘I cant do it…..YET!’ approach, when facing a new challenge.

We hope you have had a restful half- term and are ready for more learning together.

Maths: Position and direction.

English: Poetry- Wordsmith will be loaded at the end of the week.

Spellings: The BIG TEST!

Times Tables: Challenges continue and get trickier for some- well done!

Science: Sound continues.

P4C: 4 of our Year 3 children will be taking part in The Challenge Cup next week- TBC.

French: Tuesday morning.

Thank you to all of you who came to parents evening, it was lovely to meet with you.

Special Event: On Friday we have been invited to take part in a Drum Workshop, linked to Black History Month. The children will all take part with their individual class groups and then be treated to a performance at the end of the day.



WEEK 7 Nearly half term!

We are looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday or Wednesday if you are able to attend Parents’ Meetings.


Well done to someone who is always striving to improve their work.







Maths: Finishing fractions and fun with Roman Numerals.

English: Science writing and book blurbs.

Science: Writing up our investigation.

P.E. Speed-stacking and gym.

Computing: What is the internet?

Geography: Mapping.

Art: African landscapes.

Spellings and X-table challenge.

HALF-TERM- Stay safe and have a great break!


Week 6


For improved listening and helping others- Fantastic News!

Thank you to those of you that signed up for Pupil Progress Evening. If you were unable to do so please come and see me so we can arrange an appointment.

Don’t forget e-safety on Tuesday- 2.15-3.15

A busy week ahead.

Maths: Fractions.

English: Grammar linked to Christophe’s Story- allocated chapter 1-4 is on Wordsmith.

P.E. Speed Stacking and Gym- STOMP WORKSHOP!

Science: Sound investigation.

Topic: Bird’s Eye View Maps


Times tables against the clock. Test yourself in 10 minutes.

Circle Time: Improving.

R.E. Different religious beliefs continued.

Computing: Designing e-safety posters.

Work hard and enjoy our week.


Date for your diary



Well done to someone who understands the importance of editing to improve a piece of work!

Many Congratulations to Yellow House Team. A great day and thank you to all of  you that came and supported your children and the school.

We raised nearly £300 for Macmillan too- AMAZING!


Week Ahead: There will be a work experience student with us this week.

MATHS: X tables all week – focus 6 and 9.

ENGLISH: We begin a new unit. The story of a boy who has come from Africa as an asylum seeker. A good link to Black History Week.

 BLACK HISTORY: Martin Luther King.


COMPUTING: Making rules to stay safe online.

PE: We will be starting our Speed Stacking in preparation for a competitive event- more info to follow.


RE: We continue to look at  different Religious Leaders.


Keep working hard, challenge yourself and have a great week!


Week 4


Great Maths explanation to the rest of the class- well done!


Thank you for your donations- we had a lovely Harvest Celebration last Friday.

REMINDER- Keep your fingers crossed that the weather stays kind. Sports Afternoon and MacMillan Coffee is on Friday 30th September. Please come along and support your children.


Maths: Geometry

English: We will be planning and writing a biography as this unit comes to and end.

Science: Sound

P.E. Core strength- gymnastics

Geography: Map Skills

Grammar: Pronouns and fronted adverbials

Times Tables: Time Challenges

Spellings: Keep practising please



Congratulations- incredible effort across all your learning!


Thank you to all of you that attended Meet the Teacher. If you were unable, a pack has been sent to you, via your child. Please come and see me at the end of the day if you have any further questions.


Some of our learning:

Maths: Addition and subtraction skills- estimation and inverse.

English: Planning, editing, re-writing and improving our work- A diary entry.

Science: Sound.

Spellings: Dictation test on Tuesday.

P.E and R. E: Continues with Mrs A.

Geography: Direction and co-ordinates linked to mapping skills.

Times Tables: Speed Challenges begin this week- Good Luck.

SEAL: Developing our brain.

Wednesday: Garden Visit pm.

Have a great week- I hope you are having fun with your projects!




Meet the Teacher- Room 4 ( Woodpecker Class ) 3.30pm Wednesday 14th.



Welcome to our Class Blog. This is where you will find information about our learning and other messages that you may find useful.

Great news, our first Star of the Week has been announced. A pupil who has shown great resilience when tackling new maths concepts.


Clubs start this week.

Please provide an art apron for your child- this can be an old oversized shirt or tee- shirt.

Thank you.


Our Learning.

MATHS: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction – Reasoning.

MENTAL MATHS: Place Value Problems. Times Tables.

ENGLISH: Biographies and we will be celebrating Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday on Tuesday.

GEOGRAPHY: 8 points of the compass.

P.E. Please bring in a plain pair of track suit bottoms, as the weather gets colder.

SEAL: Growth Mind-set.


COMPUTING: Welcome to the Web.

ALSO: We will be visiting the garden on Wednesday afternoons this half term. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us.



Only 2 weeks left- we cannot believe where this year has gone.

Maths: Statistics

English: Poetry

D.T. Circuits- link to Science.

Singing: Ancient Greek song

P.E. Athletics

Last swimming for year 3! Have fun.

Geography: Human and physical features of Germany.


Woodrow letter.

New Classes on Thursday.

Reports out on Friday.

Thank you for being a great school council rep!

















Well Done! Lovely to see your hand up so much more!

This week- lots to remember.

Maths: Decimals and money.

English: Writing mini sagas for Young Writers Competition.

Geography: Field skills.

Grammar: Homonyms.

Music: Rehearsal to rest of school.

History: Greek Morning. Friday

D.T. Sandal making.


No swimming on Friday- double session again next week.

On Monday we will have an Olympic themed session led by the coaches from Game-on.

Material for Greek morning due in.

On Tuesday we will be practising and performing our singing to KS1 and KS2.

Thursday is Chorister Afternoon: Depart at 1.30 return at 6.30- Please provide snack and drink. We look forward to seeing you there at 5pm.

Friday is Greek morning, we will dress up, food taste and make thumb pots using Greek designs.


Week 9

What a great friend!


Looking forward to…

Maths: Capacity

English: Word Work

Science: Completing our plants topic

P.E. Swimming and Athletics.

Geography: European Country- Germany

History: Greek Art

Music: Singing


Permission slip for Chorister Event

Year 6 Enterprise day, this Thursday.

Have a good week.


Week 8

Maths Whizz!

Maths: Fractions

English: Word detectives and letter writing.

Science: Seed dispersal.

Art: Life cycle of a plant.

History: Greek school life.

P.E. Swimming and Athletics.

Music: Singing.

Times tables and spellings of course!

Special Events.

Game On- Euro Workshop on Tuesday- P.E  Kit needed.

Non-uniform Friday- Bottle Tombola.


WEEK 7. Our final half-term!


A reporter in the making!!

Welcome to week 7, the start of out last half- term of hard work and fun together. I hope you have had a lovely break! School starts Tuesday this week.

Maths: Multiplication and division, with Mental Maths and a problem solving challenge, added for brain exercise.

English: A newspaper report about our holiday, ending with a debate at the end of the week!

Science: Pollination and life – cycles.

History: Home life of Ancient Greeks.

Music: Singing with The Chorister Event- letter this week.

P.E: Team games. Hopefully the weather will stay fine!


Week 6

Gaelic Football Superstar!

Good luck to all taking part on 27th May!


Try this web-site, we will be too!

We will be writing letters to send to a school in Italy- we hope to get some replies before they close for summer.

On Monday we will also  look  at the work of  an Italian Artist.

On Tuesday Woodpeckers will be food-tasting French food with Madame L.

On Thursday we will learn some Spanish.

On Friday we will look at flags and customs from some other countries.

Throughout the week we will be practising our song to sing in Friday’s sharing assembly.

Don’t forget non-uniform could be a national costume!

A great week ahead and have a happy half- term!


Week 5

Reminder- Hats please, the sun has been shining!

Please remember your bottles.



Well Done- Great English!


MATHS: Shape, reflection and properties.

ENGLISH: Continuing with newspaper report features and writing.


PE: Gaelic Football and swimming.- Well Done to all those representing Bromet in St Albans.

HISTORY/ART: Painting clay theatre masks.

MUSIC: Singing.

SCIENCE: Writing up cress investigation.

Have a good week!




A maths problem solving superstar! Well done.

This week: Good Luck to any brothers or sisters in year 6 taking their SATs Tests!

Maths: Negative numbers,addition and subtraction of money.

English: Looking at features of text types, Incredible Sports on Wordsmith and writing Greek Myths.

History: Recap of  the importance of theatre and clay work to make our masks.

Science: Recap and water transportation in plants; Checking how our cress and flowering plants are growing as part of our investigation.

P.E. Swimming and Gaelic Football.

Music: Singing with Mr Martin.

Spellings and times table challenge as usual.

Hopefully we will have plenty of sunshine this week too, so we can get outside and keep healthy, running our mile.


Lovely Day for Gaelic Footie!



Year 3 are enjoying swimming each Friday.

This week

Maths: Place Value and times tables.

English: The Most Incredible Sport. A new unit that looks at the features of newspaper report writing.

History: Ancient Greek theatre.

Science: Plants.

RE: Sikh Beliefs.

PE: Gaelic football and swimming.

Spellings and Grammar.

And finally – a great shape poem- Well Done!


Week 2

Congratulations. Some lovely Poetry.


We really enjoyed all the celebrations for The Queen’s 90th Birthday. The children took part in Maypole and country dancing, then in the afternoon we shared a cake and drink and sung happy birthday to our very own cardboard Queen.

Woodpecker Class also began learning songs for The Chorister Event taking place at the end of June. More information to follow.

 Our Week Ahead.

Maths: Area and Perimeter. Nrich Maths Challenge.

English: Poetry- children will be drafting, editing and improving their own poems.

Grammar: Possessive  apostrophe .

History: Athens and Sparta- Ancient Greece.

Science: Plants- Photosynthesis.

PE: Swimming (year 3) and Gaelic Football.

Music: Singing.

Garden visit on a Friday (year 4).

Have a good week.



Happy Easter

We are nearly there! The end of our second term together.

We have had a great term and I am so pleased with the children’s’ behaviour for learning.

A big thank you to all of you for your support with home learning and reading with your children. Thank you for coming to pupil progress evenings, it was a great opportunity to talk with you.

Your generosity has already raised over £350  for Sport Relief, with sponsorship money still to add.

Next week, the last week of term, is a creative week at school, the children will be participating in a variety of creative arts. School ends at 2pm on Friday.

DONT FORGET Viking Day is WEDNESDAY, we are looking forward to seeing all your costumes.

HAVE A SUPER EASTER WEEKEND we will see you back in school on Tuesday.


Week 10

Congratulations. A carefully completed oil pastel.

Our Learning:

Art: Linked to home learning- Gambian art.

English: Iron Man. Book loaded on your Wordsmith logins.

Grammar Focus: Similes.

Maths: Statistics, including time line graphs.

Science: Write up of our permeability investigation.

History: Viking Sagas.

PE: Rock and Roll and last swimming for year 4.( Fun Session)

Don’t forget.

Library Books, last week for this term.

Pupil Progress Evenings

Viking Workshop return slips/ Year 3 swimming return slips.

Sport Relief on Friday.


Have a good week.


Week 9


Keep collecting your sponsorships! Not long to go!

A great week in Woodpeckers, well done everybody.


Thank you to those children from Year 3 who helped take part in Clean for the Queen on Friday. We were very lucky with the weather and removed bags of rubbish from Oxhey Park.



Thank you to the staff from John Lewis too!!

Maths: Addition and subtraction problem solving.

English: New Unit- based on The Iron Man.

History: Viking homes.

Art: Fossil painting.

Music: Notes B and A on the recorder.

Science: Planning an Investigation.

SEAL: Going for Goal.

Computing:  Word Processing Skills.

And finally…



Congratulations to this weeks star!




Everybody enjoyed the basketball workshop.


Don’t forget this week is World Book Day.

Maths: Addition and subtraction- 4 digit numbers.

English: Activities linked to World Book Day.

Science: Fossils.

History: More Vikings.

P.E. Rock and Roll/ Swimming.

SEAL: Going for Goals.

Music: Recorder and weekly song.

 Mothers day sale Wednesday afternoon.



This weeks Star shared some great ideas for non- fiction writing- thank you.

And finally…. Year 3 designed posters to accompany their non- chronological reports.



WEEK 7 Welcome Back


Coming soon!

Maths: Measure: Continuing to convert and round lengths.

Times Table Challenge: 8mins!!! Keep trying.

English: Planning our report for Friday’s extended writing.

Art: Sketching from different aspects.

Music: Learning the parts of the recorder.

Geography: Mountain posters to share our learning.

History: Viking Clothes.

P.E. Swimming and dance!


Great use of vocabulary! Well Done!


Happy half- term!

Have a great holiday – See you all on the 22nd February!





A Week of Celebrations ahead.

On Monday we will be looking at this year’s Chinese New Year Celebrations, followed by a discussion about why we eat pancakes on Tuesday!



Picture 1
Picture 2

This week’s British Value is Diversity.

Maths: Fraction problems and length.

English: More information to support our report writing. The Shang Dynasty.

Geography: Mountain ranges in Europe.

Science: An investigation into the hardness of rocks.

History: Boats to Float!- This will be Tuesday. Watch out! The Vikings are coming.

Computing: Recording using ipads.

PE: Handball and swimming.

Mental Maths: 12 x 12 multiplication and division.

 – Congratulations to our fraction expert this week!

And a great half term to you all!



Congratulations- fantastic times table recall!


Due in next Monday


Value of the week- INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY

Maths: Fractions and of course speed tables!

English: New Unit, we will be using the history of the Shang Dynasty of China to develop a non- chronological report.

Geography: Mountain climates.

History: Why the Vikings became settlers.

Science: Making rock types

P.E: Handball, swimming- don’t forget your kits.

SEAL: Setting a personal target and discussing how we might achieve these.

Computing: Filming and interviewing.

Have a good week.



Don’t forget we will be taking part in The Fruit Workshops.

Year 4 on Thursday  and Year 3 on Friday afternoons.





Our learning will be:

English: A letter to the author, planning a setting and character for our own chapter of Spiderwick!

Maths: Revision of Roman Numerals and multiplication skills, including formal multiplication.

History: A bit of creative work to make a mini Viking.

Geography: Looking at the different types of mountain forms

Science: Using chocolate to learn more about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks-  wait and see!

P.E. Handball and Swimming.





I hope you had a chance to have a little fun in the snow!

Well done- excellent use of punctuation when writing direct speech!

It was lovely to see all the children enjoy their swimming- whatever stage you are at in learning this important life – skill, it was smiles all around! Well Done!

Our Learning.

Maths- we will be looking at acute and obtuse angles.

English- we will be looking at more grammar and punctuation and practising our assembly for FRIDAY  9AM!

History- more sharing of homework and learning about THE VIKINGS.

Geography- we will be learning more about how mountains are formed and begin to understand that there are different types of mountain forms.

Science- to learn more about igneous rock formations, in other words volcanoes.

P.E.- handball and swimming.

Computing- developing our success criteria for our presentations.

D.T. Cooking- Rock Cakes, of course!

Spellings, x tables and mental maths.

Please make sure you have your library book in for Monday and your  slips for  The Fruit Workshop and Spiderwick DVD are returned- Thank you.


Week 2

Swimming for Year 4 – Friday

Don’t forget your hats. ( and Goggles if you need them)

Monday: We will be looking at grammar skills and working with negative numbers in Maths. In the afternoon we begin the introduction to our Viking topic. Thank you to those of you that have already completed some research.

Tuesday: French begins again for this term. In English we continue with The Spiderwick Unit. In the afternoon we will discuss the different layers of the earth and rock formation. Weather permitting we will take a walk around the school to look at the types of rock in our own environment.

Wednesday: Maths involves estimation and using the inverse in formal methods of subtraction. Our English continues. In the afternoon we will be using  an atlas to look at and locate mountain ranges of the world.

Thursday: Computing will continue looking at making TV presentations, we will consider success criteria for good presentation. PE and RE in the afternoon- Don’t forget your PE kits need to be in school everyday!

Friday: Maths involves estimation and using the inverse in formal methods of subtraction with numbers of up to 4 digits. In English we will compare The Spiderwick Chronicles to an extract of another book set in an imaginary world.     Swimming in the afternoon.


Finally, congratulations to our Star of the Week- excellent times table recall!



Welcome back everyone we hope you all had a good break and a Happy New Year.

Reminders for this week.

Monday – INSET for staff only

Welcome back to all. We will be starting a new English unit and revisiting place value in Maths. Our Science, Geography and History Projects are new this term. Rocks, Mountains and Vikings respectively.

Please remember to return your PE Kits and Water Bottles. You will also continue to need a coat for outside break-times.

Swimming starts next Friday, January 15th, for all year 4 children. Year 3 will be completing tasks set in school.

We would also like to welcome a new pupil to Woodpecker Class and of course our new Head Teacher to Bromet. We know you will both be very happy here with us.

Have a good week.



Congratulations – a great poet in the making!


BOTH MRS Bs, MISS L and I are very proud of you all!

We will have a busy week this week:

Monday: Rehearsing and starting our ‘Sounds Spooky’ in English. Maths is revision of time.

Tuesday: Look out he’s behind you- we are off to Watersmeet for the pantomime-

Wednesday: We will begin making our Christmas cards and calendars.

It’s Christmas dinner and jumper day.

Thursday: Dress rehearsal at the church- thank you to those who offered to walk with us.

Friday: More singing and Christmas Creativity!



Well Done- such a positive attitude to Maths from our Star of the Week!

Another busy week ahead.

Monday: Singing,Speed Stacking practise, Maths= time and poetry composition.

Tuesday: Singing, Speed Stacking Practise, Maths – time conversions and poetry writing!

Wednesday- Heat 1  in the morning- GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Thursday- More work on time in Maths- Editing and writing our poems in English.



DONT FORGET! Year 6 Enterprise Event- from 2.30 pm.

Ration Tea- Party- The children have been busy baking for you, it has smelt delicious all week.

Friday- Final Poetry and maths for week. We will be practising for our Christmas concert too. If your child has a reading part please help them to rehearse they do not need to learn it off by heart but a loud , clear and  fluent voice is needed! – Thank you.


Thank you for your continued support!





Wk 11


Congratulations to our poetic star this week!


We will be busy learning our Christmas Songs this week,  lets hope we are all in good voice.

Thank you to all who came to our jumble on Saturday- don’t forget The Christmas Extravaganza is our next event.

We have  received your generous donations for our hamper raffle but please  continue to donate if you are able. Woodpecker theme is Cheese and Wine.

Maths: We continue to look at formal methods of multiplication and in English are coming to the end of our poetry unit, which we have all enjoyed!

The Pizza making was a great success- I hope you were given a taste, the children demonstrated some of the skills they had been developing this term. Kneading, rolling, spreading, chopping, slicing, considering food groups and of course eating!

Have a good week!


Week 10


A true Star of the week, who showed real determination when trying something new!



Thank you all- £272 for Children in Need.

Film Night raised over £450.

Week ahead, some things to look forward to.

Maths- multiplication and division.

English- poetry

D.T. – pizza

Science- ramp investigation.


Please return any outstanding pantomime permission slips and where possible send in your donations for jumble  21ST NOVEMBER (and cheese and wine for our class hampers.)



Week 9

Welcome to week 9



A fantastic Star this week who has such a positive attitude to all learning.

Maths- Measure

English- Poetry

History- Remembrance



Art- Poppies

Science- Making magnetic fish game

P.E. Basketball , yoga and speed-stacking!

Don’t forget Children in Need is Friday





Welcome back- We hope you all had a good half-term.



We spent a great day at the museum. The staff commented on the behaviour and enthusiasm of the children. Well done to you all.



Well done to our star. A great piece of homework. The posters were all fabulous and we had a good time evaluating each other’s work.




Maths- Decimal Fractions

English- Grammar Skills

Science- Forces investigation, write up next week.

Music- Miss Lawson teaches music this half -term.

P.E.- We will be learning the benefits of Yoga on our core strength and continuing our running, weather permitting!

Topic- Local area study continues.

Homework- As discussed at Pupil Progress, there will be an arithmetic and handwriting task included each week.

Don’t Forget- PHOTOS 5th November.

Have a great week.


Last week of Autumn Half- term

WOW! What a great event- you helped to raise over £450. Thank you!

A well deserved award, to someone who has shown great confidence with their reading this week.


Our walk is this Friday. Thank you if you offered to accompany us. Your support is greatly appreciated. I will catch up with you next week to confirm whether you are still available.   (Permission slips asap please.)

The rest of the week is as follows:

Isaac Newton posters due Monday

Maths- Calcuation skills

English- Last week of Christophe’s Story, letter writing task to complete at the end of the unit.

Art-Looking at the work of Lucy Kemp Welch

Geography- Weather permitting some compass/ orienteering fun!

Don’t Forget- All single consonant spellings.

Have a great week Woodpeckers! We hope you and your families have a restful holiday.

Mrs W and Mrs B!


Week 6


Another fantastic week!

Congratulations to our Star this week. Someone who is always willing to help others and be a great friend!

Thank you to all who managed to sign up for pupil progress evening.If you still need to book an appointment please let us know.

Maths- Translation of shapes.

English- Christophe’s Story continues.

Science- We continue our investigations into forces and magnets.

Art- We are all designing a Christmas/winter card, to be entered into a competition.

PE- I have seen some super gymnastics with Mrs B and we are having great fun building our confidence and developing our skills in rugby.

History and Geography- Letter to follow our topic is local area- A possible trip to Watford Museum.

The children have been running every day as part of our healthy life-style initiative. Well done!


Thank you for your continued support.


Week 4


For your information.




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Your projects and hard work were brilliant! Well Done to all of you.

This weeks star drafted,edited and produced an excellent diary extract.

We will begin a new unit in English- to be loaded to Wordsmith once introduced.

Maths is looking at equivalent fractions and decimals. Equal parts of one whole!

I am hoping to arrange a visit to Watford Museum, linked to local history, more information to follow.

Science- we are learning more about magnets.

Reminder- please remember suitable footwear and spare socks for P.E. We had lots of soggy socks! (Including mine)

Sign up for Pupil Progress in the hall on Friday.


Week 4

Thank you to everyone that bought cakes last week.

 You raised over £205 for Macmillan Cancer!


Congratulations to our Star this week-  A fantastic example of good manners!

Don’t forget projects due in on Monday. We will be sharing them in the afternoon. From what I have seen so far, I am very excited by all the hard work and effort that has gone in to producing them.

Library books also due in Monday please.

Maths- we are looking at multiplication, focusing on 6 and 9 x tables.

English-  this is the final week of this unit- a diary entry and biography to be written this week.

Wednesday is our class garden visit, please keep your eye on the weather and make sure your child/ children have coats.It can get chilly up there.

In DT the children will be bread-tasting and comparing tastes and textures of different types of bread. Homework is linked to this.

Have a great week!


Week 3


Don’t Forget coffee morning this week.

Congratulations to our Star of the Week and Neat Writers who received their certificates last Friday.

Well Done Woodpeckers- 100% attendance!

A busy week ahead. We have to keep our fingers crossed that the weather is kind to us for our sports/ Macmillan Coffee afternoon. Thursday 24th.

English continues with non-fiction. I am looking forward to receiving you projects next Monday – 28th September.

In maths we are looking at shape, symmetry and refection.

Library begins on Monday, thank you parent helpers. May I request that your child returns their book as soon as it is finished, they will not be able to change a book until the previous selection is returned.

In Science we will be setting up a ramp investigation linked to our forces topic, reinforcing our investigative skills.

In art the children will begin to look at the work of Herkomer our featured artist, who first opened an art school in Bushey.

Enjoy the week!


Week 2

A busy first week back!

Congratulations to our star of the week. A great first week in a new class and school!

Our English continues looking at key events in the life of Neil Armstrong. We will be looking at the features of biography writing in the near future. I hope you are enjoying your research for your project. Maths this week is re- visiting and extending our addition and subtraction skills.

History and Geography continues with looking at the local area. We are hoping to take the children on a few walks around the local are please let me know if you are able to help.

Regarding this, if you are able to come in on a Monday at 2.30 to help us with our library slot we would be extremely grateful.

Bromet PFA work tirelessly to plan events to support the school and raise money. They are holding a coffee morning , if you are interested in finding out more see below.



Week 1

Welcome back everyone. We hope you had a great summer! 

This week we will be going through rules and routines, sharing homework ( please email or bring this in ) and beginning new units of english and maths. 

Timetables, newsletters and curriculum webs will be sent out this week too.

We are looking forward to being in Woodpeckers with you!

                             Mrs Wambeek and Mrs Bridgman. 


Last week

We made it Woodpeckers!
Cannot believe it’s our last week- you have all worked incredibly hard and have been such a caring class.
Mrs Bridgman and I would like to say thank you and wish you every happiness and good luck for next year.
Well done all of you!



Week 11

The children coped very well with the heat last week. May I remind you of the importance of them having a water bottle at this time of year.

This week year 3 will finish swimming.
We will be watching the year 6 dress rehearsal on Monday.
Our maths is decimal notation and in English we will be writing letters to the characters of our thought provoking Christophe’s Story.

Thursday is the garden open event -2.45pm and open evening – 3.15pm, in the classrooms- a chance to see your children’s work, before it comes home.

Reports go out on Friday, may I request the reply slips are returned the following Monday? Thank you.

Finally don’t forget Saturday is pop up circus day – there will also be other stalls and activities , so please come along, even if you aren’t attending the circus. We hope you can make it!



Week 9

A great week – we had a busy day at the museum, everyone really enjoyed the day.
On Friday we all took part in dress up and dance- some great moves
from the children!

Picture 1
Picture 2

This Friday the children will take part in their Young Enterprise Activity- our City.
It is a programme run by volunteers who give up their time to come in and work with the children.



Don’t forget year 6 also have their enterprise sale on Friday – 2.30 pm.




A few tickets left!

Our trip is Wednesday- school uniform and sensible shoes please. Don’t forget to bring a snack. It should be a great day.

Father”s Day sale and dress up and dance on Friday.

In between we will continue our poetry unit and be looking at capacity in Maths, a. busy week ahead.


Week 7

Don’t forget Beat the Street, we are 4th, which is excellent!
This week we will be starting a new unit in English looking at poetry and working with fractions in maths.
A new topic begins in French and your French booklets are being sent home from last half term to complete for Madame Lawson. Thank you.

Friday is non uniform bring a bottle day, if you are able.


Don’t forget

Don’t forget circus tickets available- come along Saturday 11th July!


Beat the Street starts straight after half-term,


Beat the street

Take part in Beat the Street! A healthy challenge encouraging us to walk, cycle, skate or scoot,
Packs to follow after half- term.


Week 5

This week we continue to look at mountains in our Art.We will be looking at Mt Fuji and painting this using ink on to silk.
In history we will imagine the life of a sailor and write a journal entry in the style of one of Cook’s men.
The children are enjoying The Iron Man story and our English is linked to this.
In maths we return to place value, ordering and comparing numbers up to 4 digits .
It is half term next week, the children return to school on Tuesday 2nd June, for our final half term together. Have a good holiday Woodpeckers,


For your information


Week 3

We hope you enjoyed your long weekend. This week we will be looking at shape in maths. Our unit in English ends with a report writing session . Check for a new book allocation – coming soon!
In history we will all be starting a James Cook fact-file. Dance will be from a different continent- cheerleading! In French our topic is ourselves- the children had fun playing a French version of ‘Simon Says’ last week- fingers crossed we can remember the vocabulary for another go!


Week 2

This week year3 start swimming, a great life skill!
In maths we are looking at decimal numbers to 2 decimal places.
English – here we continue to discuss and read about The Shang Dynasty in preparation for our report and the wiki entry we will be writing.
Art we will be looking towards discussion and opinion of work of artists that have painted mountain landscape.

Our postponed garden visit is this Wednesday- many thanks to Mrs Turner.


A reward for hard work!


Week 10

Another week flies by- the Mother’s Day sale was a great success.
Thank you again for taking part in our Cake Sale or donating your £1.

This week we will be in the garden on Wednesday afternoon. Make sure you have a coat, although forecast doesn’t look too bad!

Keep practising your words for next Tuesday!

Spiderwick replies due 23rd- thank you.

Week 9

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend.
Thank you to all, who made it to the jumble!!
Pupil Progress Meetings this week. We are looking forward to meeting with you all again. This year seems to be racing past!
The children are starting to learn our class assembly therefore the timetable may have a few changes as the weeks go by. I will try to keep you posted.
Good luck to those taking part in the gymnastics competition on Tuesday, two members of Woodpecker Class are in The Bromet Team – Well done!


Week 8

Don’t forget swimming starts again this week for year 4.
Homework due in Mondays.

Thank you if you were able to sign up for parents evening. The appointment sheet will be in the classroom if you weren’t able. Please come in and ask.

The chicks have hatched hopefully they will be able to pay us a visit.

Remember jumble sale on Saturday, please bring in as many bags as you can so we might win the class competition!


Nearly half term!

Week 6
Thankfully we didn’t have to stop because of the snow!
This week we will be swimming, working hard, sharing Nightingales assembly, writing a biography with a partner and learning all about Chinese New Year- we will be ready for the holiday,
Thank you once again for your support and don’t forget sign up for pupil progress meetings on 27th February.


Week 4

Welcome to week 4.
We continue to look at our ebook based on the life and times of an astronaut.
Once the book marks are completed the children will be bringing home the log in details to access this at home.
More science this week looking at properties of materials and measuring liquids.

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Week 3

Another busy week, we will be starting our history topic on Wednesday and homework is linked to this- If you have any problems accessing the internet please come in to class and let me know.

Our sports partner from Queens came in last Tuesday and challenged the class to a cup stacking heat. The eight finalists will go through to The County Competition. Date, names and times to follow!

Congratulations Woodpeckers! Miss Harkness, Mrs Bedwell, Mrs Bridgman and I were all very impressed with your teamwork and skills!


Happy New Year

Hello and a warm welcome back to 2015!
We had a very busy week last week and it looks like being an extremely hard- working fun term!
Week 2 starts with swimming for year 4, year 3 will go in the Summer!
On Tuesday our sports partner from Queens will be challenging the children in preparation for The County Cup Stacking Competition. Good luck!


Week 14

We are getting very Christmassy now- this week we will be watching a pantomime and contouring with rehearsals for our Concert. On Wednesday the children will enjoy Christmas lunch and don’t forget that Friday is Christmas jumper and Christmas Fair day,


Athletics on Tuesday

Don’t forget we are taking part in indoor athletics at WGGS on Tuesday.
Please come in to school wearing your PE kit. We will be walking to the girls school and will be back by the end of the day for your parent/ career to collect you.


Star of the week

Congratulations to Katie! Well done.


Star of the Week

Keep watching – new star announced on Friday!



Another fun week in Woodpeckers- thank you to Mrs Turner for allowing us to spend time with you in the garden on Friday.


Beautiful poppies!




Monday: homework due please.

Tuesday: French today, Miss Lawson teaching in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Miss Lawson teaching this morning.PE kits needed!

Thursday: PE kits needed. Mrs Bastable and Mrs Bedwell teaching in the afternoon.


We hope you have had a great half term. A busy 2nd half ahead, including course, all the fun of Christmas!

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Our Maths!



Star of the Week

Congratulations to Thomas who is our Star of the Week,

For excellent role play in English. Well done!


Woodpecker Class Expectations


 In Woodpecker Class we

Always try our hardest.

Look after ourselves and our environment.

Are honest at all times.

Dont worry if we make a mistake.

Are kind, polite and helpful to each other.

Listen to each other and take turns.