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Bromet School has been the proud holder of an International School Award (ISA) since 2016. This is a prestigious award granted by the British Council for outstanding development of the international dimension in the curriculum. It means we actively teach and promote global awareness and cultural understanding.




The governors and staff recognise that global issues are an increasingly important part of the lives of our children, growing up as they are in a world where economies are increasingly interdependent and global communication is a daily reality.  Our children have access to the internet and increased opportunity to travel, watch and read stories from around the world and follow international events (such as international sporting events or unfolding news stories).  We therefore believe that a global dimension should be reflected in the attitudes and values of our children, the ethos of our school, as well as the Programmes of Study and Key Skills.

Our main aims are to teach our children about the world around them, creating awareness and curiosity about countries, cultures and languages other than our own, to foster respect for other cultures, languages and religion and to raise awareness and celebrate the wide cultural diversity throughout our own school community. We do this by encouraging interest and motivation through the provision of first hand experiences of life in another country, developing an awareness of similarities and differences in lifestyles and cultures and by promoting communication through writing letters and emails to friends abroad.


As well as embedding these aims and objectives in our school curriculum we have, over recent years, held various whole school international events such as Mother Tongue Day, International breakfast, Around the World Day, World Cup Day to name but a few. We have always welcomed the wonderful contribution of our parent body at these events and we look forward to working with you further this coming year.


At present our main “International Activity” is through our ERASMUS project.