We currently have spaces in the following Year Groups: Year 1 -1, Year 3 - 1 space. Please contact the school and Herts County Council Admissions for further information!
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Bromet Primary School Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement for All


How can I get a place at Bromet?

Applications for in year admissions and Reception must be made via Hertfordshire County Council admissions. You can apply via 

Can I be sure of getting a place?

It is very important that you register your child before the deadline for admissions applications. It is Hertfordshire County Council, not the school, who make the decision about whether a place is available for your child. They take into account whether your child has brothers or sisters at the school, distance of your home from alternative schools, and occasionally, special social factors. If your child is refused a place you have the right to appeal to an independent panel.

Can I visit the school before deciding?

You are more than welcome to visit us and ask any questions you might have. Please telephone or email the school for an appointment on 01923 481310 or 

Can I get a place for an older or younger child?

If you have moved into the area and and would like a place at the school for your child please apply via .


Class Organisation

ClassYear GroupBreak DownTotal Number 
RobinYear R30 Reception Children30
SwiftYear 1 and Year R20 Year 1 Children 10 Year R30
SparrowYear 2 and Year 110 Year 2 Children 20 Year 1 Children30
KingfisherYear 230 Year 2 Children30
KestrelYear 332 Year 3 Children32
WoodpeckerYear 4 and Year 324 Year 4 Children 8 Year 3 Children32
NightingaleYear 5 and Year 416 Year 5 Children 16 Year 4 Children32
FalconYear 6 and Year 58 Year 6 Children 24 Year 5 Children32
EagleYear 632 Year 6 Children32


Bromet Admissions Policy ALP 2025-2026

Bromet ALP Admissions Policy 2024-25