Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement for All
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Bromet Primary School Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement for All

Staff at Bromet

Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher Mrs M Pace
Assistant Headteacher/ Year 2 Ms J Weyer
Assistant Headteacher/ INCo/ Year 6 Ms L Wambeek
Year R Miss H Evans
Year 1/2 Mr T Libberton
Year R/1 Miss N Langley-Higgs
Year 3/4 Miss S Hickey
Year 3 Mrs T Henderson
Year 4/5

Mrs C Burns

Year 5/6

Miss E Charalambous

Schools Direct Trainee       Ms N Ali
Modern Foreign Languages Mrs J Lawson
PPA Cover/ RE teacher Mrs P Bastable


Mrs M Humphreys

Our Teaching Partners/

Lunchtime Support Team

Mrs A Adoum Mrs C Warner
Mrs C Shaw Mrs A Doonan
Mrs B Shah Mrs Blakey
Mrs V Lewis Mrs Andrews
Mrs A Turner Mrs N Bridgman
Mrs D Ridout Ms M Silcox
Mrs N Sabatini
Ms L Richman  
Other Very Important People


Office Manager

Mr A Redden

Mrs R Dudley

Office Administrator Mrs L Atkins
Administrative Assistant Miss R Clarke-Bazile

Library Support

Outdoor Learning 

Pastoral Support


Ms M Silcox

Mrs A Turner

Mrs A Doonan


Kitchen Staff
Cook Manager Ms C Shippey
General Assistant Ms T Dunn
General Assistant                                        Ms S Goodyear
General Assistant Ms F O'Brien
General Assistant                                       Ms F Zarin