Tour Dates for children who are starting reception in September 2022 now available. Please contact the school office.
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Bromet Primary School Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement for All

Staff at Bromet

Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher Mrs M Pace 
Assistant Headteacher/ Year 1/2 Ms J Weyer 
Assistant Headteacher/ INCo/ Year 4/5 Ms L Wambeek 
Year R Miss H Evans 
Year 2 Mr T Libberton 
Year R/1 Miss N Langley-Higgs 
Year 3/4 Miss S Hickey 
Year 3 Miss S Karkanevatou 
Year 5/6 

Mrs A Adoum

Year 6 

Miss E Charalambous

Modern Foreign Languages Mrs E Edwards 

PPA Cover/ RE teacher

PPA Cover 



Mrs P Bastable

Mrs M Fox 

Mrs A Michaels

Mrs M Humphreys






Our Teaching Partners/

Lunchtime Support Team

Mrs S Quint  Ms E Knell 
Mrs C Shaw Mrs A Doonan 
Mrs B Shah Mrs Blakey 
Mrs E Macdomnic Mrs R Morris 
Ms L Richman Mrs N Bridgman 
Mrs D Ridout 

Ms M Silcox

Mrs N Sabatini 
Mrs A Kelly  Ms C Quarrell  
Other Very Important People


Office Manager


Mr A Redden

Mrs R Dudley

Office Administrator Mrs A Turner 
Office Administrator Miss R Clarke-Bazile 

Library Support

Pastoral Support



Ms M Silcox

Mrs A Doonan


Kitchen Staff
Cook Manager Ms K Shippey 
General Assistant                                       Ms T Dunn
General AssistantMs F O'Brien
General Assistant                                      Ms F Zarin