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Bromet Primary School Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement for All


Recovery Curriculum 2020


Following the unprecedented year that we have just experienced, the children will be following a recovery curriculum. Prior learning has been identified ensuring that the children will be able to access the learning whilst still developing their new skills and knowledge in their new year group. In addition, skills from the Summer term will be interwoven into this year's teaching. PE knowledge organisers have also been produced so that learning pathways are clear to see. 

The Curriculum

At Bromet we really value the importance of physical exercise and activity. Through our teaching, we aim to expose all the children to a high-quality physical education which inspires them to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities, increasing both confidence and competence.

A range of opportunities to become physically confident is provided for the children in a way which supports their health and fitness, including dance, invasion games, gymnastics, swimming and athletics. We encourage all children to be fit and healthy, to improve their skills, look after their bodies and challenge themselves at their own personal levels.

During their lessons the children will learn skills, rules and tactic of differing sports. They are taught warm up and cool down routines and understand the importance of these on their bodies.

Our PE curriculum involves children using thinking skills as well as selecting and applying sporting skills with confidence. By creating solid foundations in early years, at Bromet we enable children to make informed choices about physical activity both inside and outside of school.


Competitive Sports

Competitive sport is valued at Bromet, as it allows character building as well as embedding our core values such as fairness and respect. We are currently part of the Watford & Hertsmere Sports Partnership and take part in many competitions throughout the year such as Gymnastics, Sports Hall Athletics and Cross Country which we frequently excel in.  In addition to this we also have school football teams that take part in matches and tournaments. Additionally, as part of our community links with Watford FC, we take part in half time penalty shoot-outs at home games.


New Sports

Throughout the year the children will take part in many new and different sporting activities. We aim to inspire and promote a wide range of sports for the future generation through workshops, taster sessions and visitors. We have been visited by Olympic athletes, taken part in workshops for archery, fencing and skipping as well as watching special assemblies such as a Karate demonstration. Currently, some classes are working with Watford FC coaches to enhance the children’s footballing skills.

At Bromet we also take part in Relax Kids. By using Relax Kids, the children have access to a fitness programme that develops both mental and physical wellbeing from early years to year 6.


Sports Squad

At Bromet we value the children’s opinions and want them involved in improving our curriculum. The Sports Squad is a group of children from KS2 that will be helping to improve PE at Bromet. By meeting regularly throughout the term, the children will discuss and plan ideas for how to make PE better within the school. Their jobs include: organising sporting events, reporting on competitions, finding out what sports children do outside school, planning new sports clubs and writing the sporting newsletter. In addition to this, each year, year 5 children have the opportunity to become play leaders who work closely with the early years children during lunch times. This aims to develop their confidence and leadership skills in an active and peer-coaching way.

PE Vocabulary Progression