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Sparrow - Year 1 and Year 2

Welcome to Sparrow Class 2019-2020

Picture 1 Maths Working Wall
Picture 2 Reading Area
Picture 3 Our Classroom
Picture 4 Reading Snug

Class Teacher: Mr Libberton

Supported by:

Mrs Blakey (Weekdays AM)

Mrs Bridgman (Wednesday PM)

PPA Cover: Mrs Humphreys (Monday AM)

Madame Lawson teaches French (Tuesday 11am-11.30am)


Week 3

16-20 September


We had a very busy first week at school and I am so impressed with the class and how they are developing a wonderful attitude to learning. Thank you to those who came to visit the classroom on Friday, it was lovely to see how proud the children were to show their hard work so far. 


Our Curriculum Learning This Week


English: This Week we will be writing about the main character become a brave person and writing about our favourite part of a story



  • Count to ten, forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 or 1, or from any given number.
  • Count, read and write numbers to 10 in numerals and words.
  • Given a number, identify one more or one less.
  • Identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations including the number line, and use the language of: equal to, more than, less than (fewer), most, least.


Phonics: Graphemes tch ve ai
Common Exception Words : love some come was his is has here there friend your


Science: We will be using our local environment and naming and drawing trees


Art: Looking and appreciating Van Gogh Sunflowers


Jigsaw: What makes us safe and special


History: Using the skill of asking questions to find out about Florence Nightingale


PE: Creating Routines and safe moving around the Hall.


Computing: To understand that digital texts can include words, numbers, graphics, film and sound.


Notes For The Week



Water Bottles due in

Mrs Humphreys in class AM 


Book bags to go out

Reading Morning begins 24th September


Homework and Comprehension Books to go out


Book Bags are due in


Book Bags and Water Bottles to go home


Week 2 

9th- 13th September


This week we will be starting curriculum lessons. We had a great few days working of our Social and emotional well being. I am sure there will be a few sleepy Sparrows this weekend! In Year 1 there is a more formal structure to learning as you can see from our timetable. Over the next few weeks we will continue to develop our learning. As a class this term we will work on developing our growth mindset and resilience, learning that it is 'OK' to make mistakes and that it actually helps us to learn!


Our Curriculum Learning This Week


English: We will be starting our learning all about the book 'Willy The Wimp'. We will be writing letters to him and helping out the main character.


Maths: We will be counting, sorting and showing numbers/objects.


Phonics: Graphemes nk,ck,ss,ll,ff, zz 

Common Exception Words : be he me she no go so to do today I by my


Science: We will be using our local environment and naming and drawing plants


DT: Finding out where our fruit and vegetables come from


RE: Our Big Question this week is 



Jigsaw: What makes us safe and special


Geography: Naming and locating oceans and continents



Notes For The Week



Water Bottles due in

Mrs Humphreys in class AM 


Book bags to go out

Reading Morning begins 24th September


Homework and Comprehension Books to go out


Book Bags are due in


Book Bags and Water Bottles to go home

3:30-4:00 the classroom will be open, come and have a look. 


Week 1

4-6 September


I am looking forward to seeing everyone on our first day back. We will come and collect you from the playground smiley


This week will be spent getting to know each other and focusing on our well being and how important it is to look after ourselves and others. One of the stories we will be learning about is:


We Are All Different 

There are lots of different people in the world and all of them are different. "We are all different. We are all friends!" There's no one quite like you. What makes you special?


Notes for the Week

  • Please make sure the children bring in water bottles and sun hats on their first day. 
  • We will be starting PE on 9th September.
  • Reading Books and Homework will go out next week.

Welcome to Sparrow Class 2018-2019

Our Classroom

Our Classroom 1
Our Classroom 2
Our Classroom 3



I want to say a big thank you to everyone for lovely gifts. I have had a wonderful year in sparrow class and will miss having these wonderful children in my class. Have a lovely summer! 


Mr Libberton

Sparrow Curriculum Objectives

Thursday: Games morning. Children can bring in games that they enjoy playing like 'Top Trumps' monopoly. We will also be making fruit salad/ fruit kebabs as part of our end of year celebrations.


Friday: We have our celebration assembly and will be using the chrome books, which the class is very excited about!


Thank you for your support over the past year.


Mr Libberton

Well done to George for coming 1st Place in the Year 1 competition!

Well done to George for coming 1st Place in the Year 1 competition! 1

Week beginning 8th July


English: Writing our own version of a journey back home. The children will choose 4 animals to go on their journey.

Maths: Capacity

Topic: Continuing our 'under the sea' topic.  

Jigsaw:  We are focusing on ‘Looking forward to change’



Book Bags, Homework, outstanding Library Books, Comprehension Books and Water Bottles due in


Reading Morning until 9:10

Book Bags to go out


Book Bags are due in


Children meet their new teacher AM

Mrs Humphreys in class PM

Book Bags and water bottles to go home

Film Night after school


Week beginning 1st July


English: continuing our adventure on the discovery of the Dodo!

Maths: focusing months of the year and time eg November, December, afer, past, hour, half, minute, month, second

Topic: we are continuing our unit on Under the Sea

Jigsaw:  ‘Caring about other people’s feelings’



Book Bags, Homework, Library Books, Comprehension Books and Water Bottles due in

School Trip- Please bring lunches in a plastic bag that can be disposed of. There is not an area for packed lunches at the Aquarium.


Reading Morning until 9:10

Book Bags to go out


Homework and Comprehension Books to go out


Book Bags are due in


Book Bags and water bottles to go home

Mrs Humphreys in class Friday PM

Week beginning 24th June


English- Introduction to our new story book ' The journey home'. We will be describing animal s and using noun phrase for description.

Maths- Money- Identifying coins and notes. Adding money together.

Topic- Animal habitats linked with the ocean.



Book Bags, Homework, Library Books, Comprehension Books and Water Bottles due in


Reading Morning until 9:10

Book Bags to go out


Homework and Comprehension Books to go out


Book Bags are due in

Mrs Chandoo Teaching PM


Book Bags and water bottles to go home

Week beginning 17th June


English: To being to rewrite our story we have been reading and exploring over the past two week 'lost and found'.

Maths:  Comparing numbers, Ordering numbers, One more, one less


Topic: It is creative week this week so every afternoon the class will be taking part in different activities with a creative theme. Teachers will be going to the different classes in the afternoons to teach the different activities. 


Wednesday we have Maths Morning for KS1 until 9:10


Thursday the School Council will be judging the Recycled Crafts from KS1


Friday is Well Being Day with a fun run in the afternoon. Come along and join the children from 2:30. 


Week beginning 10th June


Writing- Writing in present tense. Writing their own instructions based on the story thinking about how to help someone who is lost. Writing non-chronological reports about penguins, seals or albatross.


Maths- Numbers to 100. counting numbers, building numbers and partitioning numbers.


Science- Electricity- What we know.



  • Leaflet- The oceans
  • Reviewing our Matisse Artwork


Jigsaw- Changing me- Me as a baby compared to me now


Notes for next week 
A-Life Healthy Workshop On Monday

Father’s Day Sale Friday

Phonics Screening Week

If you have not returned the trip letter to the office please can you do so as soon as possible as we are unable to confirm to those parents who have offered to help. As soon as we have a reply from all children we will then let parents know if you will be helping us on the trip. 

Week beginning 3rd June


Writing: The start of our new book 'Lost and Found' Creating lost tags using noun phrases. Re writing the first part of the story

Maths: Positions and directions- Left, right, up, down. 

Science: Sound, the ear


  • know the differences between the oceans
  • Artist study- Matisse- Abstract art the ocean

Jigsaw- Lifecycles- Baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult, elderly

RE: Special books- Hinduism

Week 5

20th May


Writing- writing a letter to the council, either saying the pirates must stay (for the pirates) and must go (against the pirates)  

Maths- Find a quarter

Science- Sound investigations

Topic- Coral Reef/ Great barrier reef

RE- Special books


Mini Olympics on Tuesday. 

  • Children will need to wear school PE kit and suitable footwear.
  • Children will need to take their water bottles.


Sports Afternoon on Friday 

  • House Colours non uniform

Week 4

13th May


Maths: Finding half

Writing: The pirates next door is the basis of our learning this week

RE: special books- The Torah

Science: Light investigation

Topic: Uses of the Sea


No reading morning this week because of Year 6 SATs taking place in the Hall.

Week 3 6th May


English: Writing descriptions using adjectives and similes. Wanted Posters, Letters and newspaper reports.


Maths: Sharing equally and making groups between 2,5 and 10


Topic: Learning about the different oceans and naming them. 

Week 2: 29th April


In maths this wee we are continuing our work on arrays and sharing with groups of 2,5,10.

Our writing will involve writing our own instructions as to how to was a woolly Mammoth.

In Science we continue to learn about Light and are learning about a famous Scientist. We will be listening and drawing how music makes us feel in our topic work. Our topic this week involves learning about the lost city of Atlantis. We will be writing and drawing using the myth as a starting point.


Reading Morning and Maths Morning are this week 

Week 1


Please note there will be no reading morning this week.


English- We start out learning about the book 'How to wash a woolly Mammoth'. We will be making a poster to explain what are the most important things to know how to was a woolly Mammoth.


Maths- Multiplication and division facts


Science- With Miss Divall- Light sources


Topic- Paper Plate Fish

Summer Sparrow 2019


This term our learning is all about the Oceans and our learning will be based around this theme. Our learning is skill based so the skills will be taught through the theme of under the sea. 


Geography: Looking at the words oceans and seas and identify  the continents and countries they are close to. Investigate the 5 oceans. See how seas and oceans are used including food, fuel, tourism and how pollution can harm the ocean


Art: We will be making exploring different ways to make fish. Draw Pictures to portray the myth of Antlantis. Sea Scenes


DT: We will make model aquariums, create a soft sea toy


Music: Listen to Music associated with the sea. Compose and perform and musical sea poem


Computing: Start to use presentation resources to create a presentation about a particular sea creature


Science: We will learn about fish and their habitats. Electrical Circuits- I hope to make Lighthouse with this learning. We will also be learning about sound.


PE: Gymnastics- under the sea


Trips: We have got a Sports Trip planned and a trip to The Sea Life Centre in London planned as part of our learning

1st April 2019



Poems about animals



Measuring length and height



Antarctica lesson focus: Penguin Fact Files

Sewing Easter Chicks



Anna is our star


English: Writing our own version of Dogs don't do ballet. Choosing an activity for the dog to take part in

Maths: Ordering numbers to 50. counting in 2s and 5s

Topic: Learning about the Arctic and Antarctica. Making a fact file about Penguins who live there. DT- Pop up cards- Sunshine and Rainbows

RE: Easter Sunday: How we would feel as a Jesus's friend

PE: Ball Skills- Catching 

Cultural afternoon on Wednesday


Up to date news here on our Twitter page: including maths morning and Mother's day sale 





Aahna is our star of the week.


English: This week we have a visitor from the Dogs trust that links with out current learning in English. We will be reading the book 'Dogs don't do ballet' and describing the characters.


Maths: Numbers to 50 one more and one less.  We will then look at more or less for larger numbers


RE: Good Friday 


Topic: Cold Cold Cold- we will be searching for clues about where we are learning about. Using maps throughout the school to search for hidden clues.

11th March


Miss Divall returns this week and will be with us until May. Everyone looked fantastic on world book Day and we had such a busy week of writing and learning about floods. This week we start our learning about Dogs in our English lessons. In maths we will be working on numbers to 50. There is a recycling workshop on Monday as part of our Jigsaw learning. 

4th March


We would like to create a display in the library of photos of parents/carers/grandparents reading with their children/grandchildren. If you have any, please send them in. Thank you and Happy Reading!


English- Writing a story based on a 'Flood' by Alvaro F. Villa. On Friday we will be writing as an advert to sell the house in the book.

Maths- Number and Place value within 50

25th February


William H is our star this week.


English: This week we will be writing a non fiction information text about frogs 

Maths: Equal, less  or more. We will be using <=>. Using number related facts e.g 14+2 is the same as 2+14

Science: Seasonal Changes (Spring and Summer): Winter to Spring

Topic/Geography: Hot and Cold Weather

Art: The cloud spotter. Create pictures or paintings of different cloud formations. 



Next week is Book week- dress up as your favourite book character on the Thursday 


Week 5


George is our Star of the Week


Writing- This week we are planting magic trees and rewriting the story The Last Noo-Noo. This time it will be 'The last Star'.


Maths- Subtraction using different methods, using a tens frame First, Now, Then.


Tuesday- E-Safety afternoon


We will be getting ready for our class assembly which is on Friday at 9am.

We also have our class talent show on Friday afternoon. If it is a talent that cannot necessarily be completed in the classroom (for example, one child from a different class has recorded her and her dog doing tricks) we can share videos or photos on the Friday afternoon. 

Show and Tell this week is a special object from home. 



Good morning. If you want some time away from the snow here are some ideas of what learning you could do. 


Don't forget you can go on ttrockstars. Once the difficult first 10 tests (these are used a speed baseline to get on the leader board) are out the way you can then access the times tables we have been learning. You could write a weather report: find out the temperature and write what the weather will be like this weekend. If you do any reading over the weekend make a note in the comprehension book.


Next week is our class assembly so we will be learning our lines from Monday. I will be in class Monday, Mrs Humphreys will be in on Thursday morning.


We also have a special week of show and tell. Please bring in something that is special eacil to you. You could bring a picture of the item to show us.


Our class talent show is next Friday in the afternoon. Sparrow class will vote and the top 2 will perform in front of the other classes the week after.


Enjoy the snow and see you all on Monday. 


Mr Libberton


Spring Week 4

Our star of the week is Hibah


Literacy- We will be designing a game to find the lost noo-noo. I also hope to be able to make some noo-noo catchers on Thursday, ready for our learning next week.  If you have any boxes, plastic bottles we can use to make these please can we have them


Maths: Last week we are thinking about adding 10 to help us this week is consolodiation of addition and starting to look at efficient methods for subtractions. 


Number day: We will  be taking part in an investigation to discover who has taken the fidget spinner


RE- The good Samaritan


Geography : making weather forecasts


Art- Pop Art Flowers

Spring Week 3

Bader is our Star of the Week 


English: Continuing with our spotlight author we are completing our learning based on a familiar text- The Last Noo-Noo.

Maths: Adding using Think 5 and Think 10

Science: Describe poperties of materials

RE: The Festival of Raksha Bandhan

PE: To develop balance and co-ordination and to perform using simple movement patterns 



Spring Week 2

Fredric is our star of the week


English- Rewriting 5 minutes peace with our own story ideas.


Maths- Measures, the language of comparing length, height, mass and speed.


Geography-Wonderful Weather: How Does the Weather Affect Us? 


RE- Friendship: Who Are My Friends?


Computing- Logging on to Chromebooks. E-safety.



Class Assembly- 8th February


Spring Term 

Week 1


I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful gifts and lovely cards we received before the Christmas break. I hope everyone had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to Spring term in Sparrow Class


English- We will be focusing on stories by the Author Jill Murphy. This week we will be taking part in role play and drama activities to retell the story of Peace at Last


Maths- We will be exploring different 2-D and 3-D shapes and using key vocab to describe them.


Science- Every day materials. We will be naming different materials.


Topic/ Geography- Weather is our topic this term. We will be making weather diaries. 


Week begginging 17th December

Aahna is our Star of the Week


Monday: Dress rehearsal for KS2.

Tuesday: Performances AM and PM.

Wednesday: Breakfast with Santa, Christmas jumper day and School Christmas lunch.

Thursday: Pantomime and Class Party. 

Friday: End of term awards assembly.


Our Christmas Class Party will be on Thursday. If possible bring in a snack (fruit, vegetable sticks etc.) for all the children to share (suitable for vegetarians). Please NO NUTS due to allergies. 


There will be no book bags sent home during the week. We will be sending book bags home again in January.  Reading morning will start again on the 15th January.

Collection for New  Hope Trust (cup a soup and porridge).

Week 6


Our star of the week is Anna

This week we continue to rehearse for the Christmas play, we will be singing in the Kingfisher and Robin performances on Friday. 


English: Writing our own version of Harry and the Bucketful of dinosaurs.

Maths: odd and even numbers with a Christmas twist

Topic: The home front- writing job applications for our favourite job. 

We are also making Christmas cards, finishing our calendars and have other festive activities over the next few weeks.



Friday will be the last day the book bags go home this term.

We will be having our class Christmas party on the 20th December.

Week 5


This week we start our rehearsals for the Christmas play. Please make sure costumes are in a named bag. Any problems let us know


English: Writing to describe dinosaurs. adding speech to pictures and retelling a well known dinosaur story

Maths: Odd and even numbers

Topic: The role of Women in the First World War

PE: Final Session with Watford FC- games and recap of our learning


We will also be making our Christmas Tree decorations for the Assembly on Friday.




Week 4


Sienna is our star of the week


Maths: More, less and equal using <=>

English: Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaur- Book review 

RE: Places of Worship- Consolidate year 1 children's learning about places of worship with this final lesson in the RE unit about places of worship. Children will use their learning from previous lessons about a Jewish synagogue, Christian church and Hindu mandir to design their own places of worship. 

Topic: Writing our letters to home on our paper we made on Friday (23rd November).

Animals in the First World War- Sergeant Stubby

Phonics: Alternative spellings: /igh/ /f/.


Autumn week 3


Walter is our star of the week. 


Maths: Equivalent ways to make the same total, Solve one step problems, add and subtract numbers to 20.


English/Writing: Rainbow Bear by Morpurgo and non-fiction books about polar bears (The Ice Bear by Davies) children write using the features of non-fiction texts. 


Topic: The First World War - photographs of soldiers living in the trenches. They are asked to use the photos to consider what they can find out, what opinions they could form, and questions they have about the photographs.


RE:  Reflect on the importance of places of worship to religious believers. Children use what they have learnt in previous lessons about a Jewish synagogue, Hindu mandir and Christian church to explore the way a place of worship can make a person feel, then work in pairs to create poetry and artwork. 


Phonics: Alternative spellings: /ee/ /ch/


PE: Football skills on Monday


Autumn 2 Week 2

Friendship week


Well done Olivia our star of the week



Using and comparing fiction (Great white man-eating shark by Mayo and Rainbow Bear by Morpurgo) and non-fiction books about sharks and polar bears (The Ice Bear by Davies) children discover the features of non-fiction texts. 


Addition and subtraction using the part whole method. Identifying the missing number. Number stories.



This lesson introduces the children to Walter Tull, a significant individual in history who was the first black officer in the British Army, as well as one of the first black professional football players. The children are asked to compare the experiences of Walter, who lived 100 years ago, to their own in the present day.


Explore a Hindu mandir. Children will recap key Hindu beliefs before exploring some of the things they might find in a mandir, including murtis and yantra, and creating their own artwork. 



Bookbags and Homework into school

Mrs Humphreys in AM

Football- PE kit


Bookbags go home

Reading Morning

Wednesday Homework 

Outdoor learning- please make sure the children have a change of shoes

Bookbags into school

Ms Divall in Class




Autumn 2- week 1


This week Mrs Humphreys will be in class on Friday. On Friday it is also our class reward of non uniform day for the top attendance in the school.  I will update the page later today on what we are learning this week


English/Writing: Writing our own fantasy story based on The magic bed

Phonics: Alternative pronunciations : i, o, c, g, u Tricky words for spelling: little, one, do, when, what, out

Topic: Remembrance day and making Poppies

Maths: Days of the week, Months of the year, seasons and time intervals

PE: Football- Defending

RE- Diwali

Autumn 1 Half Term


Thank you for a lovely half term. The Home Learning has been sent home is optional:

  • Year 2 comprehension
  • All children- Kindness Diary


Have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing everyone back on the 5th November.

Week 8


Finley is our star of the week. Our table of the week was the orange table.


Parents evening Wednesday and Thursday. Books will available to look at in the classroom. I am proud of the progress the children have already made in our class.


Maths: Add and subtract 1 and 2 digit numbers to 20, including zero,


Writing: We are reading Oi! Get off our Train. Practise using capital letters and full stops and write a new scene for the story.


Topic: We are lucky enough to have a visit by Nick Butterworth this week. Our afternoon sessions will be based on his stories Percy the Park Keeper.


Monday PE kit needed in school

Reading Morning

Book bags home


Home Work

Author Nick Butterworth visiting the school.There will be an opportunity to buy signed copies of his books from 3pm in the Hall

Parents Evening


Outdoor learning- please bring change of clothes- These can be left at school before Thursday

Non-school uniform £1 donation for Homestart.
Homestart Kindness Assembly 9am

Parents Evening


Book bags home

Individual Photos

Week 7


Holly is our star of the week.


Well done for Sparrow class who won the attendance club this week. 


English- Writing our postcard to Auntie Goose to tell her all about what has been happening on our farm. 


Maths- regrouping numbers and showing the number sentences in different  ways. 


Science- Food chains


Topic- Making small models of park equipment


RE- Children will recap key Hindu beliefs before exploring some of the things they might find in a mandir, including murtis and yantra, and creating their own artwork.



Monday PE kit needed in school

Reading Morning

Book bags home

Wednesday Home Work

Outdoor learning- please bring change of clothes- These can be left at school before Thursday

Friday Book bags home

Week 6


Ethan is our Star of the week


English- continuing our story farmer duck children are to start to write instructions to order the farmer

Maths- Order consecutive values- count to 100 from any given number

Science- Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores and complete a group sorting activity based on animal diets. 

Topic- Designing our new play equipment

RE- Learning about places of worship- Jewish Synagogue


Monday PE kit needed in school

Reading Morning

Book bags home

Wednesday Maths Games until 9.15

Outdoor learning- please bring change of clothes- These can be left at school before Thursday

Friday Book bags home


Week 5


Thank you for all your donations for the Harvest Assembly

Masooma is our star of the week.


English- Farmer Duck- We are focusing on Narrative

Maths- more/less of numbers

Science- grouping and classifying animals

Topic-designing new equipment for Oxhey Park 

RE- Places of worship



Book bags in

Mrs Humphreys AM

Watford Football club PM

Tuesday Book bags home
Wednesday Home Learning home

Outdoor learning

Book bags in 

Friday Book bags home


Week 4


William is our Star of the Week


English: Writing a recount using language and techniques we have been learning

Maths: Numbers, grouping numbers

Phonics: aw wh  ph ew

Practise recognition and recall of Phase 2, 3 and 4 graphemes

Practise reading and spelling words with adjacent consonants and words with newly learned graphemes

Teach reading the words Mr,  Mrs, don’t, by                                 

each spelling the words some and come

Science: Sense Detectives

PE: Football skills

Computing: Digital safety

Topic: Improving our local area



Book bags and Homework to school

Mrs Humphreys in class

PE- Watford football club

Harvest Assembly Donations collected w/ c 24th for Red Trust Bushey Food Bank


Book bags home

Reading Morning


Outdoor learning PM

Book bags in

Homework out


Book bags Home

Harvest Assembly


Don't forget to check twitter for latest news.

Mathletics logins will be sent home as soon as they have been allocated to our new class.

UPDATE- These have been placed in homework books at the front, or there were given to the children who did not have their books in school.


Mrs Bastable will be delivering our Harvest assembly 28th September This year we will collecting for the food bank at The Red Trust Bushey. Find out more information here: 

Week 3


English: We will be walking around the school, there maybe some different things we find along the way. This will help us to write a recount of what we saw. 


Maths: Describe position, direction and movement, including whole, half, quarter and three-quarter turns. 


Science: We learn which body part is associated with each of the five senses through drawing an activity associated with each sensory organ. 


Phonics: Teach new graphemes for reading p134  aw wh  ph ew        




Mr Humphreys in AM

Book Bags and Homelearning

Tuesday Book Bags home
Wednesday Homework books to go home
Thursday Book Bags in
Friday Book Bags home




Week 2



Mrs Humphreys AM

PE PM- This will start from next week

Book Bags back to school


Mrs Humphreys in class all day

Book Bags sent home


Meet the Teacher- Sparrow Class (Powerpoint will be available on class page for those unable to attend)

Homework sent home

Thursday Book Bags back to school

Book Bags sent home


Where possible there will be two reading books sent home on a Tuesday and Friday. 


English: Recounts. The story we are focusing on is 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne. 


Maths: Positional language, directional language


Phonics: Phase 5 

  • Teach new graphemes for reading:  ay  ou  ie  ea                            
  • Teach reading the words oh, old and their                                          
  • Teach spelling the words said and so 
  • Practise reading and spelling high frequency words              
  • Practise reading and spelling polysyllabic words 
  • Practise reading sentences                                                        
  • Practise writing sentences 


Computing: E-safety and important rule.

Topic: Our local area, focusing on Oxhey Park.


Our School Council members are William R and Masooma. 


Week 1


Welcome back I hope you all had a lovely holiday. 



Please bring PE Kits (our PE day is a Monday) water bottles and sun hats.

We will be talking about our class rules, and why rules are important. We will be making our Hand Network and where we can feel safe, both in school and at home. As a class we will make a crest showing our skills. 



Our focus on the day will be British Values and Teamwork. We will read 'Only One You' discussing our feelings and develop emotion descriptions. Mrs Henderson will be joining us after break today to get to know the children as she will be working with the class in phonic lessons.



Mindfulness, art tasks and team work games we will complete today.

We will also be listening to the children read and book bags and water bottles will go home today. 

August 2018


Sparrow Classroom- I thought I would share some photos of our classroom so far. It isn't quite finished yet but I am looking forward to seeing all of you on Wednesday 5th September.