We currently have spaces in the following Year Groups: Year 1 -1, Year 2 - 2, Year 3 - 2 and Year 4, 1 space. Please contact the school and Herts County Council Admissions for further information!
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Studying a language in primary school provides children with skills that are essential for the twenty-first century.  As well as giving them the opportunity to learn a second language, an increasingly important skill in our globalised society, it also helps to promote and develop a broader intercultural understanding.  The study of a second language also supports children’s general literacy and oracy, by raising awareness of their own language and thereby enriching their understanding of both. Furthermore, primary languages are about fun, communication, confidence building, developing learning strategies, learning about similarities and differences and respecting others.


Since September 2014, learning a language is a statutory foundation subject and a national entitlement for every pupil in KS2.  The new National Curriculum in Primary Languages requires, amongst other things, that substantial progress be made in one language across the key stage.  At Bromet we go further by teaching French across Key Stage 2, starting at Year 3.



Our aim, which is at the heart of the programme of study for KS2, is to develop an enthusiastic and positive attitude to other languages and language learning.  We hope to encourage a life-long love of language learning among our pupils in order to enhance their understanding of the world and their future economic well-being.




Pupils in KS2 have 45 minutes of weekly language learning. These are dedicated language lessons with a specialist teacher.  Lessons are taught in the target language which showcases the language in a real life situation as a tool for communication being used for real purpose in a daily classroom routine and it gives our pupils the chance to pick up incidental language in addition to the vocabulary and structures being studied.


Students love learning French and are very eager to use the target language during French lessons and use minimal English. Students are encouraged to use French greetings throughout the day of their French lessons. They can have simple to gradually more complex conversations in French following the progression of skills.