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English Planning 2021-2023


We will be following the Literary Curriculum  which is a complete, thematic approach to the teaching of primary English that places children's literature at its core. Areas of the previous years summer learning will be interwoven into learning during the next academic year to ensure children are fully equipped with the skills to access their year groups curriculum.

World Book Day 2020

How We Teach Reading at Bromet Primary School

Learning to read is one of the most important things your child will learn at our school therefore we believe in developing a reading culture throughout the school. We want your child to love reading and to want to read for themselves, this is why we work hard to develop a love of books as well as learning to read.

At Bromet children learn phonics through Monster Phonics, which is a DFE listed scheme. As children in Reception start to learn sounds they will start to take phonic reading books home to practise and develop their fluency. 

Teachers regularly read to children, so children get to know and love all sorts of stories, poems and information books. This helps to extend children’s vocabulary and comprehension, as well as supporting their writing.

Children read from a variety of schemes which have been banded according to reading ability. Reception children will start with books matched to Monster Phonics and them progress through the book bands. Our banded reading books start at Pink and end at Topaz, children will then chose books from their class library. These books have been chosen to challenge readers and are linked to the recommended reading lists we have for each year group.

Reading books are changed twice a week and we would like your child to bring their book bag into school each day so that children are reading at home and school, reading a book more than once develops reading fluency and comprehension. Fluency is defined as the ability to read with speed, accuracy and expression. We ask you to sign and comment in your child’s reading record. Children who have read three times a week will be recognised as ‘Star Readers’ on our weekly newsletter.

Guided reading happens daily and this is where teachers choose texts that are slightly more challenging for children to develop word recognition, vocabulary and comprehension.

Throughout EYFS and KS1 we have a reading morning once a week where parents and carers and invited into school to share a book with children. At Bromet we also encourage reading for pleasure through whole school initiatives and competitions. This may include celebrating World Book Day and cross school collaboration with Agora Partnership Schools.



Monster Phonics Presentation

Grammar and Punctuation