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Bromet Primary School Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement for All

Sparrow - Year 1 and Year 2

🌈Sparrow Class 2020-2021🌈

Class Teacher: Mr Libberton

Schools Direct Teacher: Mrs Adoum M, T, W, F

Teaching Partner Monday- Friday PM: Mrs Shah

PPA Teacher: Mrs Humphreys Monday AM

Some of the activities that have been part of our learning over ther past few weeks!

19th October


English- We will be writing our own version of Billy and the Beast, coming up with new characters and new problems throughout their journey.

Maths- Addition facts 

History- Lilian Bader and Mary Seacole

Art- Painting skills

RE- Why light is important for different religions

Science- Introduce parts of the human body and associate parts of the body with the five senses

PE- Basketball skills- passing skills

12th October


English- This week we will be creating a recipe book. This is a recipe book for the Terrible Beast! Hopefully we will persuade him to eat some nicer food than the one he had planned to cook!

Maths- The part whole model to help us when adding  

Science- Naming groups of animals 

DT- More of us this week will have to opportunity to sew our puppets. 

Computing- Logging in to a Chromebook using our username and password. Then joining Sparrow Google classroom. 

Geography- We have been learning about the countries that make up the UK. This week we learn about Wales.

PE- Bat and ball skills- This is on Thursday this week


 5th October


English- We will finally find out What the terrible Beast has been up to in our story. We will be writing a letter to Billy to help her our. Using conjunctions and, but, so and because. Sequencing the story.

Maths- Numberlines to 20 (year 1) 100 (year 2)

Ordering numbers

Tens and ones 

Science- Naming different types of animals such as mammals, birds, reptiles etc

History- The history of the School. Looking at pictures Old and New and placing them on a timeline

Art- Drawing skills- Linked with local artist Lucy Kemp Welch

RE- How do Jewish people show they are thankful for the natural world


On Friday is HELLO YELLOW. Wear something yellow and if you are able to, donate £1 for the charity.


28th September


English- Billy and the Beast- A wanted poster, writing questions, writing a perfect day for Billy, using adjectives to describe 

Maths- Comparing numbers to 20 (Year 1) to 100 (Year 2)

Science- investigating and finding out about different types of trees

Geography-  Our first lesson on the countries that make up the UK we will be learning about England.

DT- Designing our hand puppets that we will be sewing this term.

Computing- Hardware, keyboard layout and logging on to a chromebook

PE- Football skills


A message from the School Council: We are collecting bottles and jars for Harvest from Mon- Thursday - Trolley will be on  KS1 playground.

 21st September 2020


Welcome to our weekly learning update:

In English this week we will be using adjectives to describe Dinosaurs. They will be learning about noun phrases and writing sentences using capital letters and fullstops.
In Maths we will be learning about place value using the part whole model. Year 1 will be looking at numbers to 50 and Year 2 numbers to 100.

Phonics/spelling: oi, ay, oy spelling pattern
In Science we are learning about wild flowers and their names. We will be sorting them using ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions.
In History we will be learning about changes since we were born, talking about our family tree.
In Art will be creating a self portrait and learning how pencils can be used to make different shades of colour and line thickness.
In RE we will be learning how Christians show they are Thankful for food.

If you need to contact me you can send an email to 

Mr Libberton

  14th September


I would like to start this week's information post off by saying how hard everyone has worked this week. 


English- we will be researching and writing fact files about the moon.

Maths- counting on and back, tens and ones and counting in tens.

Phonics/spelling- silent t in tch silent e in ve

Science- sorting and finding out about wild plants.

Geography- our local area, where we live and our school. We will be writing our address too.

Design and Technology- handling food and safe preparation of food.

PE- Monday- moving around a space building on out jogging skills we worked on last week.

Computing- looking at digital and non digital stories.

Music- moving on from our body percussion compositions, we will be learning about percussion instruments 




Monday 7th September- Friday 11th September


English: The moon has gone missing! We will be writing 'Lost' posters and  thinking about how we would make a moon.

Maths: Read and write numbers in numerals up to 100. Partition a two-digit number into tens and ones. Sort objects, Count objects and Represent objects

Phonics: ff, zz, ck, ll, ss, nk

Science: What is science. We will be reading Cece Loves Science.

PE: To move at a steady pace for a length of time.

RE: Which aspects of the natural world do some people find wonderful

Art: Colour wheel 

History: Then and Now- What History is

PSHE- Safe place and my network

Music: Percussion instruments