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Bromet Primary School Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement for All

Kestrel - Year 3

Welcome to Kestrel class 2021-2022!

Our classroom

Class Teacher: Miss S Karkanevatou

PPA Cover: Mrs M Humphreys( Tue am)

Teaching Partner: Mrs A Blakey

Copy of Wider Curriculum Summer 2022

Update 11th July 

English: We will be creating our own myth based on the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Maths: We will continue to explore capacity( measure, compare, add, subtract)

DT: Create your own pencil cases.

RE: The importance of a prayer mat to Muslims.

P.E: Athletics/throwing

Science: Plants

Computing: Scratch

Spelling: Y3/4 spellings accident, actual, address, answer, appear

Have a great week!


4th July

I am very proud of the way Kestrels coped last week and looking forward to this week with them.

English Pied Piper of Hamelin report, advert, letter

Maths mass

RE mosque Islam

PE athletics 

Science plant life cycle

Computing designing a computer game


27th June

It's been another busy week for Kestrel class. I was very impressed with the children's attempts at sculpting. Well done!

English: Pied Piper of Hamelin writing in role speech bubbles

Maths: assessment/ mass

Spelling: year 3/4 statutory spellings

DT: textiles pencil cases

Science: plants

pshe: friendship

music: year 3 rewind

re: festivals of Islam

Note: As I will be accompanying year 6 on their residential trip, Mrs Humphreys and Mrs Bridgeman will be teaching Kestrel class this week.

Have a great week!

Week 20th June

It's been a  great week for Kestrel class. I have been very pleased with the way they approached direction and how hard they worked on their first sewing lesson!

English: Tin Forest writing a persuasive/informative leaflet

Maths: shapes

History: Ancient Greece

RE: 5 pillars of Islam

P.E: Athletics

Art: Abstract art painting


Have a great week!



Week 13.6

English: We are continuing our work on the Tin Forest: postcards, expanded noun phrases.

Maths: Turns and angles

Geography: Effects of Earthquakes on Humans

R.E : Five pillars of Islam: Zakat

PSHE: What Babies need to grow

Computing: Scratch- Creating a Game

P.E: Athletics

Notes: P.E: Thursday

Have a great week!

Week 7.6 

Welcome back! 

English: Tin Forest- leaflet, persuasive poster

Maths: Time-24 hour clock, seconds, duration

History: Ancient Greece

PSHE: Changing Me

Science: Variables

Jubilee display

St Albans trip


In English, we will be finishing our stories based on The heart and the bottle.

In Maths, we are continuing our learning on time.

In Science, we are investigating shadows.

In Geography, we are learning about earthquakes.

We had a great time at St Albans and cannot wait for Victorian day, Jubilee celebrations and sports afternoon. Here's to a great last week before half term :)


Weekly News 16/05/22


Update: School trip week! We are all excited to visit the Verulamium on Monday. Last week the children very much enjoyed the Eid assembly on Friday and getting to decorate their own stars. I was also very impressed by their abstract art, their shading and different geometrical patterns. Have a great week!


Maths: Time

English: The heart and the Bottle( planning and beginning to write our own version of a dilemma story)

PSHE: Relationships

Science: Shadows

RE:  Five pillars of Islam

Computing: Programming 

DT: Sewing skills


Things to remember: It's our school trip on Monday so please remember to send your child in with a pound for entry to the Roman theatre as part of our walking tour. The children are allowed to wear trainers as we will be doing a fair amount of walking. Homework/ water bottles/ reading books and records on Monday. 

9th May

English:  The Heart and the Bottle. Outcomes: Multiclause sentences/ character description/ retelling a narrative.

Maths: Ordering fractions, Adding and Subtracting Fractions with a common denominator

Science: Shadows

History: Romans in Britain

Art: Abstract

PE: Handball

Computing: Programming


Y3 and Y4 Statutory Spellings








3rd May:

English: We will start reading our new book The Heart and the Bottle. Outcomes: Predictive questions, character descriptions.

Maths: Equivalent fractions, Order and Compare Fractions.

Science: Light and Darkness

Geography: Effects of Volcanoes on Humans

DT: Textiles Investigation

PSHE: Friendship skills

Computing: Programming


Words that contain a short /i/ sound spelt using a ‘y’.









isolation 25th April

25th April:

English: This week we are continuing our learning with performance poetry.

Maths: Fractions of a set of objects and equivalent fractions

Science: Light 

History: VE Day

PE: Handball

RE: The five pillars of Islam : Sawm

Art: Abstract


Suffix -ly











Update 19th April:

Welcome back :) Hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing break and we are all ready for a wonderful summer term! See you on Tuesday!

English: Narrative poetry

Maths: Fractions Making a whole, tenths

Science: Light

Music: Recorders

PSHE: Network Hands

Geography: Location of volcanoes

Things to remember:  Reading books will go home with children again this week. You will receive a letter this week regarding our school trip to the Verulamium museum in St Albans which will be on 16th May. 

Isolation 19th April


English: Creating persuasive posters and writing letters based on our new book The Tear Thief

Maths: Unit and Non Unit Fractions/ Equivalence of one half and two quarters

Science: Magnetism

Geography: Clouds

Art: Sculpture/ Easter Art

PE: Gymnastics

PSHE: Healthy Me

Don't forget to bring your Easter Art if you haven't done so already! Have a great last week of term :)


Update 21.3: I am very proud of all the hard work Kestrels put into their non chronological reports. Great facts, neat handwriting and amazing illustrations- well done :)

In English this week, we will be starting a new book called the Tear thief and writing a letter and poems.

In Maths, we will start  learning about fractions(halves, quarters, thirds).

In Science, we will continue to learn about magnets.

In RE, we will be learning about how Christians celebrate Easter.

In History, we will be learning about battles in Ancient Greece.

DT: packaging


We will be writing non chronological reports about tea in English.

In Maths, we are continuing our work on length focusing on perimeter.

In Science, we are learning about magnets.

In Geography, we are going to talk about types of precipitation.

Art: Pop Art( Andy Warhol)

In Computing, we will be taking photos or videos to tell a story.

In PE, we are learning how to transition smoothly into and out of balances.


Virtual parents' evening Tue and Wed

Mrs Burns Thursday pm ( ppa)

Friday: Red nose day/Ukraine fundraising


Update 7/3:So happy that everyone enjoyed World Book Day! I really loved seeing all of you engaging in so many activities all dressed up in some fantastic costumes :)

English: Cloud Tea Monkeys using prepositions, using speech, distinguishing between facts and opinions.

Maths: Assessment week/Length

Science: Magnets

Music: Dragon Song

P.E: Gymnastics

History: Ancient Greeks

PSHE: Healthy Me

DT: Baking

RED NOSE DAY 18th March- Wear something red for £1


Self isolation 28/02

28/02: What a great week for Kestrel class :) Really impressed with all the children for memorising their lines and doing their best in our Class Assembly! You should all be very proud of yourselves! Looking forward to an exciting week ahead...

In English, we will be writing instructions

In Maths, we will start learning all about length.

Geography: plate tectonic introduction 

In Art we will be making sculptures.

In Science, we will be learning about forces and magnets

In PE, we will be learning how to properly jump for our gymnastics lessons.


Thursday is world book day. The theme for this year's day is 'you are a reader', so of course, as usual, we will be promoting a love of literature and reading. Our school theme this year is royalty, to fit with the upcoming Platinum Jubilee. The children will be invited to dress up with this theme in mind - it could be as simple as a crown! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Friday Meet the Author.

Monday PE: Please remember to remove or provide plasters for earrings.

Self isolation 21st Feb

Welcome back :)

Week starting 21st February

In English, we are starting a new book called Cloud Tea Monkeys.  We are making predictions,inferring characters' thoughts and writing instructions and a letter.

Maths: Statistics

Science: Forces and Magnets

PE: Gymnastics

RE: What is Lent?

History: Romans

DT: Seasonality of Food



Copy of self isolation 20

Weekly news 7/2

Another productive week for Kestrel class! I've been really impressed with how hard children worked on their maths and learning all about money. Really proud of all the effort Kestrels put into their performances for the talent show, too! Can't wait for Friday :)

English: Writing our own version of the First Drawing

Maths: Finishing money/ Introducing tally charts

Computing: Safer Internet Day

PSHE: Mental Health

Science: Soil

Geography: Fossil Fuels

Talent Show: Friday

Non uniform day: Friday

Weekly News (31/1/22)


Update:   Another week of fun and learning for Kestrels. The children really enjoyed learning about the Stone Age and shared lots of facts throughout the week. Can't wait for our talent show on Friday :)


Maths: Money

English: Retelling part of the First Drawing and comparing ourselves with Stone Age children

DT: Food nutrition 

Science: Mary Anning

History: Romans

PE:  Dance

PSHE: Hopes and Dreams



Things to remember: PE on Monday,Reading records and reading books in school every day, homework on Monday, talent show on Friday

24th- 28th January


In English we are starting a new book called 'The First Drawing'. We will be writing a diary entry, making predictions and talking about the difference between possession and omission.

In Maths we will be continuing with division.

Science: fossils

Geography: Food trade

PSHE: Dreams and goals

Art: Pop Art

Computing: Digital Literacy

PE: Dance/ Machines

Reading books in every day/ homework in on Wed

Have a great week!


Update 17/01

In English, we are continuing to read Here we are'. We will be writing a leaflet. 

In maths, we are learning about:

multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit with exchange, dividing 2 digits by 1 digit and dividing 100 into 2,4,5 and 10 equal parts.

History: Romans 

RE Jesus Christ significant events

Science fossils

DT food froups

PE dance

Reading books in every day/ homework in on Wed

Have a great week! 

Weekly News (10/01/22)


Update: I heard that Kestrel class had a great start to the spring term! Can't wait to see all of you tomorrow :)


English: Whole school book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. Letter writing, poetry.

Maths: Multiplication and division 

Art: Pop art

Science: Rocks

Geography: Food Trade

PSHE: Dreams and goals

Computing: Online safety 

PE: Dance


Things to remember: Homework will now be 3 sheets. Maths, SPAG and comprehension. These will come home on Wednesday in a folder and expected back in school on Monday.  Reading records and books need to come into school with the children every day.

Welcome back Kestrel Class!

During these two days we will be focusing on PSHE, particularly reconnecting with each other, updating our network hands and British Values. 

Isolation Tasks for individuals, not a whole class

Autumn 2 spellings

Christmas lyrics

Update 20th Dec:

Well done to all Kestrels for their performances! We have made it to the end of term and I couldn't be happier with all the children's hard work and progress :)

Children can bring in toys/games  for Monday and Tuesday( named and their responsibility)/ no electronic devices however. As we will have a film afternoon on Monday, pe clothes not necessary.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your loved ones. Stay safe and let's enjoy what 2022 brings :)

Self isolation 20th 21st dec

Self isolation 13th dec

13th December

Another great week for Kestrel class! Children have been working hard on their performance and singing and it really shows how much effort and excitement they have put into our Christmas preparations :)

English: Jim a cautionary tale -writing our own poem/ Christmas ad/ diary entry

Maths: the 8 timestable/ christmas maths

PE: Dodgeball

On Monday, we will be having a dress rehearsal for our performance. This will be recorded on Tuesday. 

Christmas jumper and Christmas dinner day is Wednesday.

Copy of self isolation learning week 6th dec

Week 6th Dec

Kestrel class worked really hard on assessments last week and created our own prequels to 'How to live Forever'. We also made some beautiful decorations for our Christmas tree :)

Maths: the 4 timestable

English: Jim a cautionary tale/ warning poster

RE: Nativity

PE: Dodgeball

History: Romans

DT: Evaluating our moving monsters

Music: Christmas songs



Week 12: Week commencing 29th November


Maths:  assessments of our learning so far/recapping the 3s timestable

English: How to live forever/writing a prequel

ART: Making the decorations for our tree assembly on Friday

French: Wednesday with Mrs Edwards. School

R.E. Advent

Geography: The Water Cycle




We all love to read- your challenge is to take a photo of you reading in a most unusual spot and send it in to school, either by email or in person!

We cant wait to see them!

Week 11: Week commencing 22nd November

Update: I've been really impressed with how hard Kestrel class worked to create their own stories based on  the BFG.  We were also extremely proud to share with Swift class what we know about bullying and how simple acts of kindness can change a person's day. Well done :)

Maths: The 3 timestable

English: How to live forever

Spellings: ful and ness suffixes

Science: Muscles

D.T.  Moving monsters

French: Wednesday with Mrs Edwards. Birthdays

R.E. 99 names of Allah

P.S.H.E. Continuing with learning about how to deal with bullying

Music: Christmas!!!!

Things to remember: Homework books (Mon), Water bottles (Mon, home  Fri), Reading books and records (every day with at least 3 adult signatures by the end of the week), PE (Mon) Christmas lyrics on website


Our poppies

self isolation week 10

Update 15/11: Another great week of learning for Kestrel class. Really proud of our poppies for Rembebrance Day and some fantastic team work to create our skeletons for Science. Well done Kestrel :)

English: We will be making our own stories about giants based on the BFG.

Maths: Equal groups sharing and grouping/ division.

Geography: Urban settlements

PE: Dodgeball

RE: Genesis

Art: Impressionism

Things to remember: Homework books (Mon), Water bottles (Mon, home  Fri), Reading books and records (every day with at least 3 adult signatures by the end of the week), PE (Mon) Antibullying week/ Mon odd socks day.



8th-12th November

Update: Really proud of how hard Kestrel class worked this week. They produced some excellent pieces of work for climate change day including poems about plastic in the ocean, informative posters and jellyfish in the water! Well done Kestrel!


English: We continue our learning about the BFG focus: similes, recipes, recount

Maths: Equal groups, arrays

Science: Skeletons

History: Remembrance 

RE: Diwali

PE: Dodgeball

Things to remember: Homework books (Mon), Water bottles (Mon, home  Fri), Reading books and records (every day with at least 3 adult signatures by the end of the week), PE (Mon).



Update 1/11

Half term flew by and now it's time for us to come back and start another week full of learning and fun! Tuesday is Climate Change Day and cannot wait to see all the amazing work we can produce to help in our small ways! 

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow :)

English: Starting a new book the BFG /noun phrases/similes/word classes

Maths: Addition/ subtraction/ word problems

Science: Skeletons

RE: What is God?

PE: Dodgeball

Art: Impressionism

Geography: Earth day

Things to remember: Homework books (Mon), Water bottles (Mon, home  Fri), Reading books and records (every day with at least 3 adult signatures by the end of the week), PE (Mon).

Update 18/10: Another week of super learning for Kestrel class. We started planning our own versions of the Black Dog and I cannot wait to see all the children's creative ideas on paper. Also super impressed on how hard everyone has worked on column subtraction :)

English: We will be writing our version of Black Dog.

Maths: This week we will be focusing on addition and subtraction using column and finish with some word problems. 

Science:  living things

PE: tennis matches

History: presentations 

 There is no homework set over Half Term

Update 11/10: We had another fun week in Kestrel class :) We role played as characters from our new book Black Dog, started experimenting with impressionist art and even performed our poem for National Poetry Day :)

English: Speech, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials.

Maths: Column addition

Geography: Urban settlements

Science:  Food groups and nutrients

PE: Tennis

RE: Leaders

Things to remember: Homework books (Mon), Water bottles (Mon, home  Fri), Reading books and records (every day with at least 3 adult signatures by the end of the week), PE (Mon), Forest School(Tue). Please remember to bring book bags in during week 6 and 7 for children to take their old books home before half term.

Update 4/10: Another great  week for Kestrel class! We finished writing our stories based on Leon and the Place Between, started addition and subtraction and experimented with pneumatic systems.

English: We start a new book 'The Black Dog' this week.

Maths: Addition and Subtraction

History: Barack Obama

Science: Digestive system

PE: Tennis

RE: Muhammad- The Spider and the Cave

Things to remember: Homework books (Mon), Water bottles (Mon, home  Fri), Reading books and records (every day with at least 3 adult signatures by the end of the week), PE (Mon), Forest School(Tue).

Kestrel self isolation 4

Update 27/9: It's been a very good week for Kestrel class! We explored how we can use speech marks correctly, revised our learning about parts of a plant and experimented with different shading techniques :)

English: Writing our own version of Leon and the Place Between

Maths: Finishing Place Value and Moving onto addition

Geography: Rivers of the Uk

Science: Digestive system

PE: Tennis

RE: Muhammad- The Night of Power

Things to remember: Homework books (Mon), Water bottles (Mon, home  Fri), Reading books and records (every day with at least 3 adult signatures by the end of the week), PE (Mon), Forest School(Tue).

Update 20/9: Kestrel class worked really hard this week and I couldn't be more impressed with all the effort they have put into their learning. We also enjoyed 5 ways to well being and Forest School which will continue for the next few weeks.



Music: Let Your Spirit Fly

Science: Parts of a plant

History: Local History 

Jigsaw: Being Me in My World

PE: Tennis

Art: Impressionism


Things to remember: Homework books (Mon), Water bottles (Mon, home  Fri), Reading books and records (every day with at least 3 adult signatures by the end of the week), PE (Mon), Forest School(Tue).

Autumn 1 spellings

Kestrel isolation week 3

Update: It's been a great first week for Kestrel class! We have started to bond as a team, did some fantastic writing using our senses and remembered place value! Really proud of all of you :)

Week 13th-17th Sep


Maths: Place value

English: Descriptive passage, letter of advice.

Music: Let Your Spirit Fly

Computing: Inside of a computer

Geography: Rivers

Science: Plants recap

PE: Tennis

PSHE: Being Me in My World

DT: Mechanisms 


Things to remember: Homework books (Mon), Water bottles (Mon, home Fri), Reading books and records (every day with at least 3 adult signatures by the end of the week), PE (Mon), Year 3 have scooterbility , 5 ways to wellbeing workshop on Tue am.

Notes for this week


This week we start our forest school sessions. We ask that children have clothing that covers legs and arms due to brambles etc.   You may wish to bring in a change of shoes as well, depending on the weather.


If your child needs to change, please put the clothing in a bag. We will have time before the session. 


Please note: if your child is wearing school uniform jumpers/cardigans and trousers they will not need to get changed. 


Week 2 isolation

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a spectacular summer and are now ready to return to school for an exciting year 3! I can't wait to see your faces and hear everything you have to share with the class after the summer break!

For the first couple of days back, we will spend some time getting to know one another and settling back into the school routine. We will talk about feeling safe, create our class rules and build our team skills! We will start our usual subjects from Wednesday.

See you soon!


Maths: Place Value 

English: We will start exploring the amazing book 'Leon and the place Inbetween.'

Science: Plants

Geography: What is Geography the study of?

Art: Self portraits

French: Wednesday with Madame Edwards

PE: Tennis


Things to remember: Homework will go out on a Wednesday and needs to return to school on Monday. PE is on Monday so please come to school in your PE kit. Please try and read with your child and sign their record at least three times a week. Reading records and books should come into school every day. 





Kestrel Weekly timetable

Home learning autumn

Work for self-isolating children