Tour Dates for children who are starting reception in September 2022 now available. Please contact the school office.
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Areas of the previous years summer learning will be interwoven into learning during the next academic year to ensure children are fully equipped with the skills to access their year groups curriculum.


'Learning, Exploring, Enquiring, Questioning, Understanding'


At Bromet Primary School we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which stimulates the children’s interests and understanding about developing understanding of geography. We teach children to deepen their understanding of the importance of developing geographical skills and how this can increase their understanding of the world. We aim to develop an education that supports the pupils to develop coherent understanding of geography.


Our intention is to provide high quality teaching and learning of Geography. We aim to enable learners to gain knowledge and understanding of places in the world. This increases children’s knowledge of other cultures and, in so doing teaching respect and understanding of what it means to be a positive citizen in a multi-cultural society. To allow pupils to learn graphic skills, including how to use draw and interpret maps. Enable learners to know and understand environmental problems at a local, regional and global level through themed days and projects. To encourage in children a commitment to sustainable development and an appreciation of what ‘global citizenship’ means. To develop a variety of other skills, including those of enquiry and problem solving.

Geography Scheme of Work - Early Years Foundation Stage

Vocabulary Progression Document