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Bromet Primary School Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement for All

Falcon - Year 5 and Year 6

Welcome to FALCON CLASS 2020/21

Falcon Class Staff 2020/21

Class Teacher - Miss Charalambous

Schools Direct Teacher: Mrs Adoum M, T, W, F

Teaching Partner - Mrs Lewis

RE Teacher - Mrs Bastable

French Teacher - Madame Lawson

Falcon Class Topic Overview 2020/21

Home Learning Grid Autumn

Year 5/6 Statutory Spellings

Useful Questioning Resource when Reading with Your Child

Our Classroom

W/C 11.1.21

Welcome back to week 2 of home school! Thank you all for the work you are submitting - keep it up! 

Remember that you should be submitting your work after each session. This can either be to the attached google docs or via a photo of your work.

Lives will be every day at 9am and 2:40pm.

See you then!

Week Commencing 4/1/21

A big welcome back to all, to a very different start of term! I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas break and are feeling refreshed and ready for the Spring term.


As we know, the start to this term is looking a little different to usual, however, I am still looking forward to welcoming you all back on Tuesday - even if it is virtually! As we did at the end of last term, all work will be posted onto Google Sites and submitted through Google Classroom links. 


We will be having a live session at the beginning and end of each day. All times can be viewed on Google Calendar which is located at the bottom of our Google Sites page. (The link to this can be found on Google Classroom).


This weeks learning:

Maths - multiplication and division (year 5), decimals (year 6)

English - biography writing

Guided reading - 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty

Science - rocks and fossils

Geography - comparing South America and the UK

DT - Anglo-Saxon homes

Music - music appreciation and how music makes us feel

PSHE - Money matters - employment and sectors relating to jobs

PE - live workout! (This week PE will be on Friday)

Home learning hasn't ruined our Christmas fun!

Week Commencing 14th December

We've made it! Almost the end term! So proud of all of your hard work this term and I'm really looking forward to our last week together before Christmas. A reminder that Wednesday is Christmas lunch and Christmas jumper day. Tomorrow is also the videoing of our performance so please wear something Christmassy in your hair!


Our week is as follow:

Monday - Christmas addition and subtraction, play writing, Spanish and RE.

Tuesday - Christmas maths quiz, play writing, science - evolution and inheritance recap.

Wednesday - Christmas maths fun, performing our plays, Christmas workout and games, Christmas cards.

Thursday - Christmas fun and virtual panto in the afternoon!

Friday - Film morning and home at 1:30!


A big well done to this weeks Star of the Week - Kiara - for always working hard and knowing how to give and receive compliments!

W/C 7th December 2020

This weeks learning:


Maths - equivalent fractions, ordering fractions, adding and subtracting fractions

English - Shakespeare's The Tempest - play writing

Science - Evolution and inheritance

DT - textiles linked to Christmas

History - Inventions during the Industrial Revolution

PE - Games - attacking and defending (remember PE kits on Wednesday)

Jigsaw - celebrating difference and mental health

Computing - Scratch


A big well done to this weeks Star of the Week - Laura - for always being a great friend and using kind words to others.


Happy Potter Virtual Lesson!

W/C 30th November

This weeks learning:

Maths - fractions and assessment week

English - The Tempest and assessment week

Science - Evolution and inheritance

Art - William Morris printing

PE - team games

Computing - Blogging and Google Classroom

History - The Industrial Revolution - child workers

Music - listening to and adapting songs to poem linked with Christmas 

PSHE - wellbeing linked to stress


A big well done to this weeks Star of the Week - Lara - for being resilient and knowing how best to solve problems in difficult situations.

W/C 23/11/2020

Our learning this week:

Maths - perimeter and area

English - we are beginning our unit of work on The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Science - evolution and inheritance 

DT - textiles

PE - our last session with Watford FC - remember to come in wearing kits on Wednesday!

Jigsaw - celebrating difference - accepting that everyone is different

PSHE - mental health and the impact of social media

Geography - South America


A big well done to this weeks Star of the Week - Louis - for always looking out for his friends and having a really positive week!

W/C 16/11/20

Our learning this week:


Maths - perimeter and area

English - Curiosity - The Story of a Mars Rover - Newspaper reports

Science - plant adaptations

History - local history, Frogmore Mill

PE - WFC team building and tactics

Art - design and print inspired by William Morris

Computing - Writing blogs using Google Sites

PSHE - mental health and social media


A big well done to our Star of the Week - Elizabeth - for always working and playing well with others.


Reminder - Monday 16th is Odd Socks Day to recognise Anti-Bullying Week.

Pyjama Day!

W/C 9/11/2020

This weeks learning:

Maths - statistics year 5, long division and mental strategies year 6

English - Curiosity - The Story of a Mars Rover

Science - Natural Selection and Charles Darwin

Geography - Human processes of North and South America

PE - WFC dribbling skills and strategy

Art - design and print in the style of William Morris 

Computing - blog writing


A big well done to this weeks Star of the Week - Joshua H - for understanding and celebrating everyone's differences as well as helping others.

Week Commencing 2nd November 2020

I hope you have all had a lovely half term. I am very much looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!


This week:

Maths - statistics including line graphs (year 5) division (year 6)

English - Curiosity - The Story of a Mars Rover - looking particularly at grammar including modal verbs, adverbs and subordinate clauses

Science - Evolution

History - The Industrial Revolution

PE - WFC - please remember to wear kit on Wednesday

DT - Mechanical systems

Computing - Blogs

PSHE - Celebrating difference, including cultural

PSHE - Mental health - Young Minds


A big well done to our Star of the Week - Jaabir - for always following the rules and being an excellent role model.

Inside Out!

Week Commencing 19/10/2020

I can't believe we have almost completed our first half term already! We have had a fantastic half term and enjoyed a lovely week last week, where we focused a lot on Black History as well as how we can stay positive!


Our learning this week will be:

Maths - Multiplication - both by 10, 100 and 1,000 and short multiplication

English - Robot Girl - focusing on writing our own science-fiction narratives

Music - Listening to Chopin a composer during the industrial revolution

History - looking at the Industrial Revolution

Art - Finishing our William Morris inspired paintings

Science - Comparing skeletons

Jigsaw - Rewards and consequences 

PE - Football skills


A big well done to our Star of the Week - Lily - for making a great effort and being a fabulous talk partner!

Using our knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000 to investigate and problem solve!

W/C 12/09/2020

This weeks learning:

Maths - Square and cube numbers, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000

English - We will be looking at the book Robot Girl and discussing characters in detail

Science - Skeletal system

Music - music appreciation

Geography - human and physical features of North and South America

DT - Mechanisms linking to the Industrial Revolution

PSHE - Mental health

PE - Football skills


A big well done to our Star of the Week - Inaaya - for caring for others, including her friends, and always being a helpful member of the class.

Wearing something yellow for Young Minds

W/C 5/9/2020

This week we will be considering mental health and wellbeing. To celebrate this, on Friday you can wear something yellow and donate £1.


This weeks learning:

Maths - addition and subtraction

English - The Man Who Walked Between the Towers - including blurb writing

Science - the digestive system

History - industries during the Industrial Revolution

Art - drawing inspired by William Morris

PSHE - mental health and having respect for others

PE - movement and finding space (Remember to wear PE kit on Wednesday)


A big well done to this weeks Star of the Week - Kishan - for working well with his talk partner and always trying his best.

W/C 28/09/2020

This week we will be collecting tins and bottles for our Harvest. These can be left on the trolley of the KS1 playground. Thank you in advance!


This week:

Maths - addition and subtraction, including rounding for estimation and inverse operations

English - autobiographical writing as well as poetry (National Poetry Day)

Grammar - colons and semi-colons

PE - WFC passing skills, wearing PE kits on Wednesday please!

Geography - physical features of North and South America

DT - the use of levers and pulleys 

PSHE - mental health and wellbeing

Science - the digestive system and completing our cardiovascular system experiment!


A big well done to Phoebe for being this weeks star of the week for contributing to the wider school community and always being helpful.

W/C 21/9/20

English - Biographical and autobiographical writing around the book 'The Man Who Walked Between the Towers'

Maths - Year 5 Place Value, Year 6 Addition and Subtraction

Science - We will be learning about the digestive system

PSHE - We will be joined by Watford Football Club Young Minds

PE - WFC team building skills (please remember to wear kits on Wednesday)

History - We will be looking at the life of Martin Luther King

Art - William Morris and sketching designs


A big well done to our Star of the Week - Nabeelah - for being a great friend and helping others to feel welcome.



Our Happiness Display!

Creating our own workouts in PE!

Talking about kindness!

W/C 14/9/2020

We had a brilliant week in Falcon Class last week with some of our highlights being creating our own workouts in PE and learning about the World Trade Centre in English. A big well done to our first star of the week - Daisy D - for always helping others and being a great friend!


This week:

Maths - we are continuing to look at place value and negative numbers

English - we will be writing newspaper reports on our book 'The Man Who Walked Between the Towers' as well as biographies about Philippe Petit

Science - the circulatory system

D.T. - mechanisms including gears, cams, pulleys and leavers

Geography - North and South America

Music - listening and feelings boards

R.E. - Hinduism 

P.E. - WFC Primary Stars

Jigsaw - Being Me in my World


Please remember to bring in homework on Monday morning as well as reading records. Reading records should be signed 3 times by an adult in order to be a star reader with a special mention in the newsletter!

W/C 7/9/2020

It was lovely to meet you all last week and I hope you are all looking forward to your first full week in Falcon Class!


This week:

Maths - we will be focusing on number and place value

English - we will be beginning to look at the book 'The Man Who Walked Between the Towers'

Science - circulatory system

History - an introduction to the Industrial Revolution

PE - team building 

PSHE - Jigsaw - safe place activities


Please remember to bring in 2 photos of things that make you happy! We will be discussing and using them this week.




W/C 31/08/2020

I am very happy to be welcoming you all back on Thursday to Falcon Class! Whilst it has been a very unusual year so far, I hope that you are all excited for the new school year and I am very much looking forward to a brilliant Autumn term! This week we will be doing lots of transition and return to school work. Please remember your fully equipped pencil cases and any reading books that you borrowed over the summer. Please also remember any work that I set for you during the holidays. I have received some lovely postcards already! 

See you all on Thursday,

Miss Charalambous