Tour Dates for children who are starting reception in September 2022 now available. Please contact the school office.
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Bromet Primary School Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement for All

School Values

Aims & Values


Our Mission Statement is: ‘Excellence, Enjoyment and Achievement for all’



To achieve this we aim:-


  • To implement the National curriculum and religious Education in line with current national, L.E.A. and school policies.
  • To help our pupils develop lively enquiring minds and to become independent learners.
  • To encourage the full development of every pupil according to ability, aptitude and special needs irrespective of culture and gender.
  • To assist our pupils in the development of a sense of personal responsibility towards the environment and their own and others well-being.
  • To prepare our pupils to take their place in a multi-cultural society; showing respect and understanding for all cultures and religions.


To do this we will:-

  • Provide a secure environment that inspires confidence and success.
  • Work in partnership with parents and carers.
  • Promote self-awareness and respect for others.
  • Encourage a love of learning.
  • Promote staff development for all staff